Last night’s Board of Education meeting inaugurated a new “Salute to Excellence” award that the superintendent plans to give to Wilton students for all sorts of achievements in learning. Thursday, the award was given to a group of about a dozen third graders who stood in for all of their classmates, in recognition of their work on a transdisciplinary learning project on indigenous peoples. But what truly shined a light on the excellence at work was found in the explanation by the teachers of the project that the students completed, illustrating just how radically different learning is in today’s Wilton classroom.

At the start of the BOE meeting the students shared exhibits from their interactive museum, which included student-created artifacts, digital recordings with descriptions of the artifacts, and digital QR codes to access the recordings.

The project was done using technology resources in the Library Learning Commons, and simultaneously integrated all course subjects. The children worked collaboratively and developed problem solving skills, as teaching of 21st century skills were integrated in the curriculum.

Watch below for a great explanation of the methodology at work and how Wilton students are now learning in the classroom.