Following news that Maria Coleman will be moving from Middlebrook School to the school district’s central office, Dr. Kevin Smith, the superintendent of Wilton Public Schools has confirmed that the school district’s director of financial planning and operations, Ken Post, has offered his resignation, effective June 30.

“He is moving on, after about more than a decade. He’s ready for a change, We wish him the best and want to thank him for his many years of dedicated service to Wilton,” Smith said at last night’s Board of Education meeting.

Earlier, Smith told GOOD Morning Wilton that he will talk with the Board of Education about moving forward with plans to replace Post.

In addition, Wilton High School associate principal Richard Sanzo is also leaving the district, to become the principal of New Fairfield High School. That move was announced by the New Fairfield Board of Education last week.

“With a heavy heart we say farewell but wish him the very best,” Smith told the BOE (adding congratulations to Sanzo, who very recently welcomed a new baby).

Sanzo had a few parting words as well. “I’ve grown so much as a professional and I hope I’ve helped move the schools forward. This school system is great but its at the precipice of being even greater.”

During the most recent town- and school budget season, the question was raised—as it is yearly—about whether ‘so many’ administrators are ‘really needed’ by the district, and whether it would be possible to trim costs by reducing staff and have administrators combine responsibilities. Smith answered that question for GMWnoting that he would not consider eliminating the position, and that he is firm on planning to search for a replacement for Sanzo.

“I need a strong leadership team in that school, so I am not recommending that we reduce the number of administrators. These jobs are incredibly complex. I know there is a perception among some that we are overstaffed in administration. We’re not, I don’t believe that,” he said.

That’s not to say that Smith isn’t looking at appropriate, alternative places to have certain staff members take on additional duties and combine responsibilities. One place he said that the district is “paring down appropriately” is at the preschool.

Dr. Fred Rapzcynski, the director of Wilton Preschool Services, announced his retirement to preschool parents in March. Rather than hire another full-time director to replace Rapzcynski, the supervisory responsibilities for the preschool will be reassigned to Kathryn Coon, the incoming new principal of Miller-Driscoll, making her principal of pre-K through 2nd grade.

Then, using funding from a grant, the district will hire a part-time transition coordinator, who will be responsible for managing the special education PPTs, Smith said, adding, “That was an area, after much discussion and analysis we felt like we could go down in administrative staff and still have a highly effective program for kids and families.”

He noted that Patty Terranova, the preschool’s administrative assistant who is much beloved by preschool families, will be remaining with the preschool, helping to insure continuity for the program.

“Patty is a veteran, and a wonderful asset to this community. I’m grateful that she’s staying on,” Smith said.