The Wilton High School Senior Internship program is a boon to local businesses and organizations, just as much as it’s an incredible experience for graduating seniors. The program seeks to provide graduating seniors with an opportunity to broaden their perspectives and get a taste of what it means to be a part of the workforce. Not only has GOOD Morning Wilton benefitted with our own stellar team of three student interns, we’ve been able to compile enlightening looks at what some of our students’ peers are doing for the four-week period.

This year, for the first time, the Wilton Garden Club has taken on two WHS interns, Jessica Huffman and Daniel Glynn. They work under the guidance of Pam Nobumoto, an active member of the Wilton Garden Club, and bring their youthful enthusiasm and energy to different projects around town. Nobumoto says Huffman and Glynn are particularly helpful because of their strength and stamina when it comes to the very physical projects on which the Garden Club focuses, especially those that involve a lot of bending, pulling, digging, lifting, load carrying and similar exertions.

In addition, the interns have been introduced daily to various knowledgeable Garden Club members who are caretakers or committee chairs, and who expand the interns’ knowledge of gardening.

They have definitely gotten a varied range of experiences, judging by how their first week as Garden Club interns looked:

  • Monday:  Weed and clean Trackside Teen Center‘s Youth and Family Garden.
  • Tuesday:  Clean and plant Veterans Memorial Garden, Horseshoe Pond, Merwin Meadows and the Town Hall planters with Nobumoto and Suzanne Knutson, Garden Club vice president
  • Wednesday:  More weed clearing and raised bed prep at Trackside.
  • Thursday:  A morning at Ambler Farm helping Marie Donahue in Mrs. Ambler’s Garden and later at
    and Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse Gardens with Anne McCann
  • Friday:  Middlebrook School—clearing out tall grasses. They will build a couple of new, raised bed gardens for culinary arts teacher Heather Priest, who has run out of space for her seedlings.

As Nobumoto enthuses, “I’m a connector and it makes me happy to bring groups together. I love that [the interns] are lending their very capable hands to help various groups and volunteers in town.”

As gardeners, these two busy students will undoubtedly apply the work ethic displayed by their contributions the Wilton Garden Club to every exciting new opportunity that awaits them in life. Huffman will be attending Cornell in the fall to study engineering while Glynn will be attending Tufts to study International Business Relations.

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