The ad-hoc resident group Sensible Wilton, which opposes the planned renovation of Miller-Driscoll as proposed by town officials and passed by a special town vote, has announced they plan to man a table outside Village Market this weekend to collect signatures on their petition. The group is hoping that they will push town officials to hold a revote on the $50 million bonding question and is gathering signatures of residents who support their efforts.

According to a press release distributed by Sensible Wilton, representatives of the group will be outside Village Market Saturday, Nov. 15 and Sunday, Nov. 16, from 1-3 p.m. each day.

“Sensible Wilton believes the electorate voted on Wilton’s largest bonding project without being accurately informed about the expenditure of the $50 million dollars. Moreover, Sensible Wilton identified election violations with state statutes. Sensible Wilton contends that the town’s planned advocacy program targeting up to 8,000 public school parents during ‘Open House’ sessions, and the distribution of ‘Vote YES’ fliers was a violation of state election statutes. It is against the law for town or school officials to advocate ‘Vote YES’ on school grounds,” the release states.

After Sensible Wilton filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission, alleging that state and town officials violated election laws, the SEEC decided to investigate .

The release states, “Sensible Wilton believes well-documented election ;aw violations by town and school Officials before the $50M vote justify a revote in full compliance with state election laws,” and it quotes Alex Ruskewich, the group’s president as saying, “The only remedy for an unlawful vote is an honest revote.”

This follows Sensible Wilton’s initial efforts at collecting signatures on Election Day outside the three Wilton polling locations.

According to the release, Ruskewich was proud of what the group accomplished.

“Within 24 hours we had volunteer teams scheduled for at least a few hours at each polling station. Many signers told us of more election violations. We were very pleased with the number of signatures we received, but we need more to convince the first selectman to revote,” he is quoted as saying.

The release also states that, “Sensible Wilton is continuing to Petition because the First Selectman has refused to consider the election violations or listen to the voters who elected him.”

“With every new signature, Sensible Wilton believes First Selectman and the other Town Leaders look more out of touch with the voters who elected  them. Every conversation we have with potential voters is an opportunity to answer questions Town Leaders won’t answer. And every additional signature undercuts any claims of a mandate,” Ruskewich says.