Summer is in full swing with the freshest vegetables, juiciest fruits and fabulous seafood. But with the sun shining until 9 p.m., it’s next to impossible to stick to the crudite and sparkling water at every BBQ or spur-of-the-moment beach party. So what can you do to have a healthy and yummy summer of eating? Here are some ideas:


Almost all of us have seen advertising telling us we need more protein, fiber, vitamins, etc.. So we load up on fortified packaged foods, many of which are fake health foods and appetite-inducing sugar bombs. Instant breakfast drinks, “protein” bars, cereals, gluten-free cookies and pasta are simply well marketed forms of junk food masquerading as nutritious. Healthy looking labels reading fat free, sugar free, high fiber, organic, or gluten-free can secretly be derailing your plans to fit into that bathing suit.

Fake foods can get stored as fat because they are simply unrecognizable as a real food. They can upset your hormones, glucose and insulin balance, sleep, energy and metabolism.

Stick to real, fresh summertime foods that look the same on the tree (fruit), from the ground (vegetables), in the water (wild caught fish) or in the barnyard (organic poultry and eggs) as they do on your plate. Use a few raw nuts and seeds for a healthy fat and some crunch as well as local honey as a sweetener. Our bodies use these foods for fuel, muscle building and to stay full.


There’s a fabulous party tonight, so you “save” up your calories all day by skipping breakfast, nibbling on salad without dressing, and drinking black coffee so you can enjoy mounds of food and glass after glass of beer or wine, right?


You spent the day slowing down your metabolism by starving yourself. So when you finally eat and drink–probably too much because you are so hungry–your body will be running at low speed and can never fully use those calories.

Train yourself to eat healthfully throughout the day so that you are not ravenous once you get to dinnertime or the parties. You’ll be able to make good choices with food, drinks and portion sizes too!


Most of us know that beginning the day in a healthy way, doesn’t include sugar-laden cereals, pastries or chocolate chip pancakes. And if we are trying to look good in our bathing suits, we don’t eat cupcakes and cookies as a midday snack or ice cream sundaes every evening.

But we often don’t realize that we are getting just as much or maybe even more sugar from our drinks. Soda, fruit juices, flavored iced coffee bottled tea drinks, wine, beer, and mixed drinks metabolize immediately into sugar in the body. These are simply no different than eating candy bars and ice cream cones.

And don’t be fooled by the “diet”, “lite”, “sugar-free” versions of drinks. These artificial sweeteners confuse the brain’s calorie counting efforts.

Portion control is key when it comes to sweet summertime treats. Save sweet foods and drinks as TREATS instead of every day/night occurrences. A wine spritzer instead of a full glass of wine; a touch of vodka with lots of soda and lime, instead of a rum and coke or mega calorie margarita, can cut the amount of alcohol/sugar in your drink while still being a fun way to socialize. Berries with a dollop of whipped cream are a yummy, sweet summer treat for you and the kids. Blend ice, lemon juice and Stevia for a cool lemon slushie. It’s just as good as any milkshake!


Everyone who works with me knows my mantra: “It’s all about the poop.” We obsess about our infants’ poop, our dogs’ poop and even our cats’ poop, but most of us need to pay better attention to our own poop!

Fiber passes through your system undigested, making your body work harder and longer to move it out, keeping you feeling full longer and revving up the metabolism. The right type of fiber will also prevent constipation and feeling bloaty and puffy.

Summertime fruits and veggies such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots and artichokes are high in fiber, as are raspberries, strawberries, apple and pears (with the skin)–all great sources of fiber that will help keep you “regular” and able to enjoy all those outdoor summer activities.

Loryn Galardi, M.S. is a clinical nutritionist based in Wilton, specializing in educating people on eating and living mindfully – helping to begin physical and emotional healing. She is owner and president of Comprehensive Nutrition, which focuses on helping clients achieve optimal health and wellness through individual and group sessions, behavior modification and continuous personalized support. For more information on how your BBQs can fit into a healthy summer diet and you can fit into that bathing suit, email her at