For the first year in a while, Wilton’s forecast includes a very quiet Thanksgiving week (Nov. 20-26). It’s going to be sunny and chilly for the most part, making for perfect travel conditions–at least in our neck of the woods.

Monday, Nov. 20:  Thanksgiving week has started! If you’re traveling, which I’m sure many of you are, be sure to check out my national forecast found on the homepage of Jackson’s Weather. Thankfully, a fairly quiet week of weather is in store for the entire week nationwide. On Monday, it will be beautiful but cold, featuring sunny- to partly-cloudy skies. It will be blustery out there with the gusty winds remaining persist, although not as strong as Sunday.

Tuesday, Nov. 21:  Tuesday is the pick of the week, and it times out perfectly with the busiest travel day. Plenty of sunshine, pretty calm winds, and average temperatures in the mid 50s will make for a perfect, late-November day.

Wednesday, Nov. 22:  Times will change heading into Wednesday. A coastal storm may develop far off the East Coast, but there is the slight chance for a few early-morning rain showers before dawn. Otherwise during the daylight hours, it will be mostly sunny and cool.

Thursday, Nov. 23:  An ample amount of cobalt blue skies is in store for your Thanksgiving Thursday. What a stunning day for the big holiday!

Friday, Nov. 24:  Then on Black Friday, you will have no trouble getting to the stores weather-wise. It will be a nice and dry day, featuring sunny skies and high temperatures cooler than the normal 43 degrees.

Saturday, Nov. 25:  On Saturday to begin next weekend, a strong storm may be approaching the Great Lakes region, so an increase in winds are possible. Again, we are about a week away, so the forecast can certainly change. Besides those winds, it should be a sunny- to partly-cloudy day.

Sunday, Nov. 26:  Sunday will be nice and cool, featuring a mix of sun and clouds and blustery conditions to end the weekend. If it does end up being windy, there will likely be airport delays as you fly back home from celebrating Thanksgiving.

Jackson Dill is a Wilton High School senior who started the website, Jackson’s Weather. His 7-day forecast will appear each Monday on GOOD Morning Wilton. Visit Jackson’s Weather to find out any changes in the forecast. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @JacksonsWeather for around-the-clock updates.