Tucked away in a little corner across the parking lot from Portofino’s is one of Wilton’s newest hidden retail gems, HERs Boutique. For anyone looking for reasonably priced women’s clothes with high-quality design, featured in a calm, comfortable space, HERs Boutique is a must to check out.

HERs Boutique has been open in Wilton since last September, in the location which most residents likely remember as ‘that spot where WitchyPoo used to be.’ The store is owned by Sunny Hers, a kind woman who lives up to her first name, providing a welcoming and helpful atmosphere.

Hers grew up in South Korea and studied fashion and fabric in Korea and Japan before moving to Wilton in 2005. Her fashionable and on-trend taste is apparent in the clothes for sale in her store. As all the clothing and accessories in Hers come directly from South Korea, each piece in the store is a unique find that can’t be found anyplace else.

Sunny works hard to find pieces for all ages. She has created a modern women’s boutique that carries clothes from the new and trendy, perfect for business and date nights, to everyday sensible clothing and accessories. She orders from four different companies that provide a wide spectrum of pieces for people in their teens to people in their eighties. “Really it is a store for anyone interested in beautiful and trendsetting clothing,” she says.

Just as important, Hers stresses, is that she hopes anyone who walks into HERs Boutique be greeted with attentive customer service and a hands on shopping experience. She tries to remember just about any face that comes in through her door, and greet them with a kind and friendly smile and hopes the service is what will make shoppers definitely want to return and shop there again.

HERs is located at 24 Center St., and is open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m..

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