Zach Muraskin is currently an eighth grade student at Middlebrook School and the weatherman for The Middlebrook Times, the student-produced news website which launched earlier this year. He’s joining GOOD Morning Wilton as a contributor, providing a weekly weather forecast for Wilton every Monday. 

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The Week at a Glance (May 9-May 15):  Warm and sunny conditions for most of the week will be overshadowed by the (current) slight threat for showers and thunderstorms towards Friday.

Monday, May 9:  Temperatures will be in the upper 60’s with sunny skies and the threat of some wind gusts nearing 30 mph.  

Tuesday, May 10:  Similar to Monday, temperatures will remain in the upper 60’s with sunny skies.  

Wednesday, May 11:  The early week’s trend continues, as temperatures will stay in the upper 60’s or low 70’s, and will most likely be accompanied by some clouds and sunshine.  

Thursday, May 12:  For the fourth day in a row, temperatures in the upper 60’s will bring even more clear skies with some clouds.  

Friday, May 13:  A low pressure system moving in from the west will bring with it rain and the threat for a few rumbles of thunder, along with slightly cooler temperatures and a high around 65.  

Saturday, May 14:  Warmer temperatures and clearer skies will prevail once again, as yet another ridge of high pressure completes its trek across the United States. Don’t be caught off guard, though, if there happens to be some lingering showers in the morning or early afternoon.  

Sunday, May 15:  As a cold front approaches from Canada, temperatures will drop into the lower 60’s and the threat of rain exists yet again for the tri-state area.