Each week the Wilton town clerk’s office releases the data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. (We’ve been a little busy with covering local budget news so our apologies for skipping weeks. All three are condensed here.) For the week between March 15-April 4, 2019, the following land transfers were recorded (including address, sale price and photo where available):

March 15-21, 2019

  • Sharon Lattig sold 36 Grey Rocks Rd. to John Vlahakis for $508,000.

  • Veronica and Gary Foster Co Trust sold 17 Old Kingdom Rd. to Sadie Jones and Sydney Nitzkorski for $950,000.

March 22-28

  • Lindsay Ault-Authier sold 9 Sunset Hill Rd. to Derek and Atsuko Geiger for $285,000.

  • US Bank NA, Trustee sold 67 Old Farm Rd. to Cross Street Holding, LLC., for $420,000.

  • Jason and Lisa Friedman sold 168 Linden Tree Rd. to Jeremy and Emily Tuttle for $1,460,000.
  • Mary Kay Barr sold 37 Black Alder Ln. to Jason R. Vaitukaitis for $825,000.

March 29-April 4

  • John and Barbara Burgdorfer Trust sold 42 Wicks End Ln. to Anthony and Laura Macaluso for $930,000.

  • Brendan Ripp sold 194 Drum Hill Rd. to Deepak and Sharon Elias for $1,000,000.