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Storm season is now a 12-month event as erratic weather seems to be the norm these days. A January week can start out feeling like summer and end with sub-zero temperatures. Bursts of high wind seem to happen all the time which can bring trees down and disrupt power. Having a generator is no longer a luxury, it’s a mandatory, especially here in the northeast.

Automatic home standby generators have a sole purpose:  to provide power to your home when the utility company cannot or does not. Loss of power can be a result of a blown transformer in your neighborhood, a downed tree or telephone pole, or as wide-spread as an area-wide natural disaster.

Even though storms are a major cause of power loss, only about a third of power loss actually comes from weather-related episodes. Both locally and nationally, our power grid is under stress due to high demand and consumption as well as ever-growing population.
Although generators were not invented with the private homeowner in mind, these machines have become the ultimate solution in providing emergency power during a disruption of service by your energy supplier. Loss of power means loss of refrigeration, heating and cooling systems, life support systems, sump pumps and hot water. And none of this has to happen to you or your family, thanks to generators.

Standby generators are really easy once installed as they are designed to automatically engage within seconds of a power loss, through the use of an automatic transfer switch. Then, when power is restored, the generator shuts down and the home reconnects to the grid automatically. It is a seamless transition that makes home standby generators ideal for families with small children, or homes that require electrically powered, life-sustaining medical equipment.

Christopher Reeb, president of Lucci Electric, is often asked if there is a return on investment by adding an automatic home standby generator.

“The benefits of having a standby home generator outweigh the investment. Meaning, the convenience of a generator automatically engaging within seconds of a power loss, whether you are home or away, is worth its cost. The value of a generator becomes clear when your home is the only one on the block with lights, a working sump pump, medical equipment, refrigerator, and a heating or air conditioning system. It can also prevent frozen pipes, water leaks and loss of refrigerated food which can become costly,” he says.

Additionally, Consumer Reports states that in some cases, home value can increase by 3-5% and can qualify residents for discounts on homeowner insurance policies.

Installing a standby home generator is not a “do it yourself” project. It is an intricate job. Generators are installed permanently on a concrete pad in a home’s yard and can provide uninterrupted power use for days. They are connected directly to a home’s electrical panel and are powered by either liquid propane or natural gas.

A generator installation requires a licensed electrician. In addition to being an authorized Generac Generator dealer and authorized service center, Lucci Electric will navigate the permitting process with the Town and assist in coordination with plumbers or LP company for a turn-key solution.

Lucci Electric has installed hundreds of generators throughout Fairfield County. Our turn-key process starts with a home assessment to properly size a generator to include all appliances that would be used during a power outage. Lucci Electric provides the best solution in terms of the type and size of the generator and explains the installation process. We can work with all budgets.

Do you really need a home generator? The answer is that a generator is an investment in your home, your family’s safety and your comfort. Is that something you can live without? The benefits alone far outweigh the initial investment of setting it up in the first place.
And when you do purchase and install a generator, you want to make sure to protect that investment with annual maintenance and a strong warranty.

Now is a particularly good time to purchase as Generac is offering a FREE 10-Year Warranty with a newly installed Generac Automatic Air-Cooled Generator. Purchase between January 20, 2020 and March 1, 2020 have the unit installed by April 15, 2020 and get a FREE 10-Year Warranty–a $995.00 value.

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