After a wetter-than usual spring, road paving continues in Wilton as the town’s Department of Public Works (DPW) endeavors to play catchup on the list of roads it had planned to complete for FY2019. This week, they released an updated status report for the list of roads in the 2019 paving program.

In addition, officials issued a statement clarifying what town crews are responsible for maintaining on the roads–and what they aren’t responsible for. This follows a sharp uptick in complaints and reports of maintenance needs and traffic safety issues on the SeeClickFix app, including potholes, foliage overgrowth and mowing. Some of the reports have been about issues on private property or state-owned roads and land.

Noting that residents often inquire about responsibility for the land adjacent to town roads, the town’s statement explains that, “There is a common misunderstanding that the Town owns the first 10-15 feet of property on either side of town-owned roads. Actually the size of the town-owned land between the road and private property varies by property. In some cases there isn’t any town-owned land adjacent to a town-owned road.”

According to the statement, town officials are hoping that residents and private property owners will perform maintenance on areas that is rightfully theirs, as well as any public property abutting privately-owned land, rather than waiting for a situation to become a traffic or public safety issue.

“Historically, the Town has relied on property owners to maintain up to the road. The same is true for state-owned roads. If an owner does not maintain the town or state-owned land adjacent to the road, either the Town or the State trims the area when the growth becomes a traffic safety issue. Of course the owners of the 80-plus private roads in town are responsible for their own maintenance. If overgrowth on private property is creating a safety issue, the Town works with the owner to have them address the situation or allow the Town to address, should they refuse to do so themselves.

Residents who are uncertain about their general property borders can view them on the Town’s online GIS maps. They can also be reviewed in person at the Town Clerk’s office.

Road paving for the remaining FY2019 road program began in May. Since the late spring, DPW crews have been busy prepping roads for paving, filling potholes and clearing roadside brush and overgrowth. The status of those roads on the FY2019 list can be found on the Department of Public Work’s page of the town website.

Issues with town-owned roads, such as a potholes or overgrowth, can be reported to the DPW through the Town’s SeeClickFix reporting system. Officials say this is a more “efficient and transparent means to address the issue,” as work orders are “routed directly to the appropriate town employee and residents can follow the work progress. Calling or emailing the DPW department creates an extra step and thus slows down the work process.”

Instructions on how to access SeeClickFix are on the town website’s homepage.

Residents who contact the town for issues on state-owned roads are redirected to contact the State directly. According to the statement issued by the town, “The State does not allow the Town to perform work on state-owned roads.”

For issues with state-owned roads, residents can call the state as follows:  For Rte. 7, Wolfpit Rd., New Canaan Rd. and Ridgefield Rd., call 203.972.0388; for Sharp Hill Rd., Hurlbutt St. south of Sharp Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Rd., Cedar Rd. and Westport Rd., call 203.227.7692.

Wilton’s DPW issued a status update for the FY2019 paving program. Roads need to be prepped and catch basins repaired prior to milling and paving. Roads listed with a status of ‘In Progress’ means crews are in the process of prepped, milling or paving them. Road surfaces may have raised structures during prep work. The paving schedule may vary due to inclement weather.

The list of roads to be paved for FY2020’s road paving program will be issued after July 1, when FY2020 begins.

For more information on paving of town roads, residents are asked to contact the Wilton Department of Public Works at 203.563.0152.

Roads In Progress

Bittersweet Trail
Boas Lane
Charter Oak Drive
Chessor Lane
Hillbrook Road
Holly Place
McFadden Drive
Mollbrook Drive
Partrick Lane
Pin Oak Lane
Ryders Lane
Shagbark Place
Slawson Court
Vista Road
Winton Terrace

Roads to be Scheduled

Bayberry Lane
Belden Hill Lane
Broad Axe Lane
Butternut Place
Deepwood Road
Duck Pond Place
Edgewater Drive
Erdman Lane
Erdman Lane Ext
Freshwater Lane
Gaylord Drive (S)
Graenest Ridge Road
Greenbriar Lane
Hearthstone Lane
Heather Lane 2 (N)
Hidden Lake Ridge
Highview Drive
Kent Hills Lane
Oak Ledge Lane
Old Nursery
Roxbury Lane
Valeview Road
Windy Ridge Place
Winton Terrace
Woodchuck Lane

Completed Roads

Arrowhead Road
Azelea Lane
Berch Court
Bob White
Boulder Brook Road (whole)
Bristol Place
Church Street
Coachman’s Lane
Dirksen Drive
Dorado Court
Downe Lane
Dudley Road
Edith Lane
Gaylord Drive 2 (N)
Grumman Hill Road (W)
Hulda Hill Road
Indian Rock Place
Ivy Lane
Keeler’s Ridge Road
Kingdom Ridge Road
Laurel Lane
Mountain Road (S)
Newsome Lane
Newsome Lane North
Main Street
Nutmeg Lane
Range Road
Rossimur Court
Topfield Road
Whipple Road