Thanks to the efforts of several past and current Wilton Track Association (WTA) board members, including John Taylor, Allison Cross and Jen Ward, Wilton High School now has an impressive new record board for its indoor and outdoor track teams. The board, which was unveiled on Dec. 18, was fully funded by the WTA Boosters.

“The design of the old record board made it very difficult and time-consuming to update records as they were broken,” explains Allison Cross. “With the new board, we will be able to update records on a more timely basis when a new record is set.”

The new board displays the records set by Wilton High School’s track athletes. Since Wilton High School is one of the few area high schools with an indoor track, the board also includes a display summarizing the records specifically set in the Zeoli Field House by a member of any high school team competing there.

The WTA worked with Brad Collins, principal of Group C in New Haven, who designed the board. “We are especially grateful to Brad. He generously donated significant amounts of his time to create a unique solution to address the needs of the team and the intended location for the board,” adds Cross. Fabricator Matt Newton of Granby-based CES built the board using materials that not only would withstand hits from errant lacrosse balls and basketballs, but also would make it very easy to update the records as needed.

The new board now hangs proudly above the Wilton High School athletic director’s office and greets visitors as they enter the Zeoli Field House. WTA hopes that the new record-keeping system will inspire Wilton track athletes for years to come.

Pictured above:  Wilton High School’s boys’ cross-country and indoor/outdoor track coach, Jim Gerwick (left) with members of both the boys’ and girls’ teams, Colin Hussey, Laine Parsons, Elizabeth Arthur, and Sophie Gaston.