Two Weeks of Wilton Home Sales: Oct. 27-Nov. 9

Each week the office of Wilton’s town clerk distributes information on the prior week’s land transfers and property sales. Between Oct. 27 and Nov. 9, the following real estate sales occurred (including address, sale price and photo, where available):

  • Elizabeth Moratti sold 15 Pine Ridge Rd. to Neesha Ramchandani and Zvi Rahamim for $825,000.

  • Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Trust sold 62 Valeview Rd. to Quarf LLC for $438,000.

  • Kerry and Lain Gutierrez sold 95 Cherry Ln. to David and Maureen Brown for $672,000.

  • Kevin and Doreen Barr sold 11 Dirksen Dr. to Paul and Lindsey Giliberto for $785,000.

  • Jay and Rosalie Harrison sold 7 Highwood Ln. to Nan Sinclair and Carol Octeau for $666,264.

  • Jesse and Elizabeth Fink sold 44 Graenest Ridge Rd. (land) to Richard and Gina Chute for $420,000.

  • Chris and Mary Ellen Taroli sold 81 Stonebridge Rd. to Thomas and Heather Velenovsky for $870,000.

  • Bernard and Deborah Prinzen sold 11 Deacons Ln. to Raymond Erickson and Meagan Dahlgren for $925,000.

  • Helen Rowe sold 55 Chicken St. to Thomas Sponzo for $427,500.

  • Carl and Lisa Neuscheler sold 58 Woodhill Rd. to Alexander and Olga Kizner for $575,000.

  • Paul and Deborah Quinsee sold 312 Nod Hill Rd. to Thomas and Kathleen Brletic for $1,325,000.


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