With so much political and municipal news over the last two weeks, we saved all real estate sales news to compile into one big article. Based on information the Wilton town clerk’s office distributes each week to local media for publication, there were 12 properties that changed hands between April 21-May 4; there were six sold each week.

The land transfers that were recording (including address, sale price and photo where available) were:

  • American International Relocation Solutions LLC sold 385 Nod Hill Rd. to Gregory and Stephanie Hefner for $1,210,000.
  • Mitchell and Geri Smiles sold 17 Wilton Hills to Kaushal Ajitabh and Chetna Sharan for $840,000.
  • Stephen and Ann Curley sold 145 Seir Hill Rd. to Douglas and Heidi Riggs for $1,395,000.
  • Craig and Laurie Smith sold 790 Ridgefield Rd. to Christie and Mark Koolis for $750,o00.
  • Ann Marie Pompa sold 359 Mountain Rd. to Marlos and Filament Turcos for $586,500.
  • Nancy Miller sold 52 Grey Rocks Rd. to Justin and Suzanne Smith for $923,000.
  • Douglas Bunnell sold 79 Warncke Rd. to Nghi and Lora Lee Pham for $875,000.
  • Kimberly and Kevin Condon sold 7 Evergreen Ave. to Peter and Megan Dee for $615,000.
  • Gary and Eileen Rice sold 35 Pin Oak Ln. to Kevin and Kimberly Condon for $890,000.
  • Joe Tomas sold 21 Lee Allen Ln. to Christos and Parthena Papalopoulous for $490,000.
  • Anne Butler sold 23 Lambert Common to Donald and Eileen Allers for $565,000.
  • 232 Danbury Rd. LLC sold 232 Danbury Rd. to 232 Danbury LLC for $1,850,000 (commercial).