When Wilton High School‘s boys’ varsity basketball team went to the FCIAC finals and the State semi-finals, the Tribe was there to support them. What’s the Tribe? The hundreds of spirited, all-in fans and fellow WHS students who raise the roof and energize the arenas in cheering on their Warriors teams.

Like other proud, WHS students, juniors Andrew Noonan and John Zizzadoro say the Tribe is like no other fan base.

“The WHS fans truly love the Warriors. We have had historically large crowd sizes at the recent basketball games. When there is a big game, we always show up big. The WHS fans are the most spirited and enthusiastic of any other school in the FCIAC.”

Noonan and Zizzadoro were inspired to use Facebook to channel that school pride and Tribe enthusiasm. They hope their new Wilton Athletics Facebook page will not only encourage even more Warrior fan support, but also grow that fan support for teams that don’t regularly get as much attention or crowd attendance.

“We saw there was no page like it, and we wanted support for the Warriors to grow. The goal of doubling crowd sizes came about later as support for the page grew. I remember wanting to go to the varsity games, but I never knew when they were, so we started with the schedules and then added the pictures and articles and things like that,” they say.

Their goal of doubling the crowd sizes at games isn’t just a pride thing. It something that is beneficial for both the fans and the players in whatever games or matches are taking place. It helps that they both have some knowledge about sports and high school athletics. Zizzadoro is on the soccer team and owns Choice Soccer Camp, and Noonan runs track.

“Fans come out in huge numbers for big games, like state games, FCIAC games, or rivalry games, and that’s awesome. We want to see the crowd sizes increase for all games at home. As a soccer player, I know that it is far more fun to play in front of a big crowd. It definitely brings the school closer together when everyone is out supporting each other, so I think it can help in more ways than we think,” they note.

Through the Wilton Athletics Facebook page, Noonan and Zizzadoro are hoping to get fans at sports that don’t typically get the “full Tribe treatment,” or big attendance numbers.

“That is exactly the goal of Wilton Athletics. We post a full home schedule every week for every sport, along with a photo submitted by a fan. We try to vary the sport and player featured in the photo every week. We also share posts about every sport. We have been recruiting a player from each sport to represent their sport on the page. They are given posting permissions on the page and are encouraged to post photos, articles, and game time information regarding their sport.”

They’ve posted video “commercials” like this to inspire support.

They also hope that they develop their own fan base, and increase followers to their page. It’s that fan base they’ll also look to in order to tap into news, information and updates.

“The majority of our posts are based on submissions, so please send us photos!”