To the Editor:

As some of you may know many of our Trump signs have been stolen and/or vandalized over and over again–you may have read the article with photos deployed to prevent the rampant theft and damage to personal property. Whilst I was in my office a gentleman came to see me with his 17 year old son–apparently he or his wife read the article and recognized their vehicle from the photos–to have his son take stock of himself and apologize for what he’d done.

Both the father and, by his word, the mother were honestly livid for what their son had done and felt compelled to bring it, and him forward. The young man took ownership of his actions and was wanting for ways to “pay for his behavior.”

It is random acts of honesty and bravery like this the re-instills my faith in our town and community. Unfortunately he is the only one to come forward as yet, but that he did makes me proud of my neighbor. Whether or not his parents required it of him is not as important as the role models they presented to him through their character and conviction.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned here is not by me and my renewed faith, but by the young man who learned a lesson in personal responsibility and accountability–I look forward to it becoming part of his character as he matures and pays it forward.

Al Alper
Wilton RTC