First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice was in Hartford Thursday, Feb. 28, and as promised, the governor sat down with her and neighboring Fairfield County leaders to seek their input on changes to his proposed legislation on school efficiency and shared services.

Vanderslice posted an update on Facebook about her interactions and meeting with Gov. Lamont.

“He was clear in his commitment to have his staff work with me and others to address our specific concerns with his education implementer bill.

“He asked me specifically to deliver the following message to Wilton residents on his behalf:  His bill is not the same bill as Senator Looney’s nor Senator Duff’s. He wrote his own bill because he was not happy with their bills.
He repeated that redistricting should not be in his bill. He seems very sincere in wanting a bill that residents can support.

“Wilton, you are all clearly on Hartford’s radar. When I introduced myself to the LT Governor, she referenced your activism on this topic.”

Vanderslice also indicated that while the governor seems genuinely interested and eager to reflect Fairfield County residents’ concerns about regionalizing school districts in his legislation, she still believes residents opposed to such regionalization should stay engaged and aware of what’s happening in Hartford. Her advice is to keep tracking the legislation and continue putting pressure on state legislators.

“It is a long time between now and the end of this legislative session. Keep current and engaged.”