The Annual Town Vote continues Saturday, May 11 to determine Wilton’s FY2020 budget. But there are also four bonding questions on the ballot. First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice explains each of the four bonding requests that residents are being asked to approve.

There are four bonding referendums on Saturday’s ballot:

$350,000 for Removal and Replacement of the Town Hall Roof

There are five roofs on Town Hall totaling approximately 10,000 square feet. They were examined through infrared photography. The overall roof was classified as failed based on approximately 80% of the insulation being identified as wet.  It was also determined that there were two roofs present, one on top of the other.

The amount requested will fund removal and disposal of the two layers of existing roof, relocation of mechanical equipment, installation of a new roof (including replacement of parapet covering and flashing systems), and resetting of roof drains. The amount also includes a contingency for unknown conditions due the extent to the wetness.

The new roof will have an expected life of 30 years. This roof will remain should there be future renovations of the building.

$600,000 for Replacement of Two Sections of the High School Roof and an Area of the Cider Mill Roof

All school roofs, other than Miller-Driscoll, have also been examined through infrared photography. A multi-year roof replacement program has been developed based on priority. Unlike the Town Hall roof, the Wilton High School roof sections are fairly straightforward and thus less costly per square foot to replace.

Once the high school roof installation is complete, solar panels will be placed on the roof through a non-penetrating ballasted mount system. The high school budget will enjoy the energy cost savings.

$1,300,000 for Replacement of Two Road Bridges at Lovers Lane and Arrowhead

The State recently identified three Wilton road bridges as being in poor condition. The Town has the capability of managing up to two bridge replacement projects at one time. Two of the bridges are located on roads with only one access point, Lovers Ln. and Arrowhead Rd.. For this reason they have been identified as higher priorities versus the third bridge on Sugar Hollow Rd., which has two access points. The bridge on Sugar Hollow Rd. has been closed for now.

Federal and State funding is available through a grant program administered by the CT Department of Transportation (CT-DOT). The federal government will fund 80% of the design and construction costs; CT-DOT will fund 20% of the design and contract administration costs. We must commit to our estimated contribution before applying to the program.

Based on estimates developed by CT-DOT, our estimated contribution will be $1.3 million for the two bridges. The grant is a reimbursable grant, so future short-term bonding may be required depending on available general fund monies.

Both bridges are expected to be functional up until their anticipated fiscal year 2022/2023 project completion dates.

$3,398,150 for Road Restoration and Repaving of the Cider Mill Parking Lot

The amount requested is to fund 15 miles of road repaving and repairs, and repaving of the Cider Mill parking lot. This represents year three of our five-year road restoration plan, after which all roads will be 10-years old or less. All town roads will be scanned before July to determine repaving priority for fiscal years 2020 through 2023.

Phase 2 of the FY2019 repaving program will begin next week, weather depending. Asphalt cannot be laid when raining.

The sample ballot can be reviewed online.