As the final school in Wilton to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge, Wilton High School was well represented on Thursday after the final school bell rang for their effort. Dozens of faculty members were joined by students as they gathered on the south ballfields to pledge their part in the global fundraising phenomenon.

Led by WHS assistant principal Donald Schels and English teacher Dr. Richard Vogel, the group doused themselves with ice water after passing on the challenge to the Wilton Police Department and their rivals to the north, Ridgefield High School.

“A couple faculty members got things moving in the building, putting flyers up and publicizing it, helping build energy and momentum,” Schels said. “We want to model that for the students, put theory into practice. We talk about ideals that are so important, and to move them forward, we want to model for kids that you need to take action in the world, you can’t be too cloistered behind the walls of a schoolhouse.”

Schels was echoed by WHS principal Robert O’Donnell. “I really appreciate the grass-roots effort by the faculty, they really rallied behind the cause. We recognize those in the community impacted by ALS, so it’s a meaningful gathering.”

O’Donnell was able to keep the sense of fun and spirit about it too, especially when it came to who the Wilton Warriors nominated.

“We’re excited to call out the Wilton Police Department, as well as our friends, colleagues and rivals over at Ridgefield—we respect them immensely, the Orange and the Black,” he laughed, adding, “We did it with Blue-and-White pride, and I’m sure they’ll do the same.”

WHS had been challenged by Middlebrook Middle School, which had been challenged by Cider Mill School, following the lead of Miller-Driscoll Elementary Schoolwhich kicked everything off at the start of the back to school season.

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