GOOD Morning Wilton is catching up on news that happened during our short hiatus last week.

Wilton’s registrars of voters Karen Birck and Annalisa Stravato released the preliminary results in Wilton for the Primary Election held on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

Only voters registered as Democrats or Republicans could vote during the primary. Turnout was light, with 18.01% of Wilton’s Democrats and 16.62% of Wilton’s Republicans voting. It was similar to the statewide showing at the polls, which also saw turnout percentages in the teens. (All results from CT Secretary of the State Election Management System)

Democratic Races

  • Secretary of State — Wilton’s primary Democratic voters overwhelmingly supported Stephanie Thomas as their choice to be their party’s nominee. Thomas, who currently represents most of Wilton in the CT State House of Representatives (D-143) and is well known in the district, was also endorsed by the state party. She handily won the statewide contest and will face Dominic Rapini in the general election in November.

  • Treasurer — Once again, Wilton’s Democratic voters went with the endorsed candidate, with two-thirds of them supporting Erick Russell. The statewide race was just slightly closer but it was still no contest, with Russell far and away the winner. Russell, a New Haven attorney who specializes in government financing, is a first-time candidate who will go up against Republican Rep. Harry Aurora from Greenwich.

Republican Races

  • U.S. Senator — In a surprise upset, Leora Levy defeated the endorsed Republican favorite, Themis Klarides. Klarides won the Wilton vote by a 10-point margin, but the results were swapped in Levy’s favor statewide. What may have made the difference was an 11th hour endorsement for Levy from former President Donald Trump, further distinguishing her as the more conservative choice against the moderate Klarides. Levy will take on incumbent Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal running for a third term.

  • U.S. Representative, Fourth District — Wilton Republican voters continued the support-the-moderate theme, overwhelmingly backing the endorsed candidate Jayme Stevenson, the former first selectwoman of Darien, 2-to-1 over the more conservative Michael Goldstein who has never held elected office. Stevenson got the nod from Republicans across the Fourth District as well, widely winning their support too. She’ll take on incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Himes come November.

  • Secretary of State — In a race where Wilton Republican voters mirrored their fellow GOP’ers, the party-endorsed candidate Dominic Rapini edged out his challenger Rep. Terrie Wood by a sizable margin. Rapini has never held elected office but has made claims of election fraud and tightening election laws a central focus of his campaign. He’ll face Democratic candidate State Rep. Stephanie Thomas in November.