“The selectmen should focus on filling Wilton Center stores, rather than building new projects.”

“We should put a skating rink on Schenck’s Island in the winter, and finally build a River Walk.” 

“Keep Cannondale Village just the way it is. There’s no room for any apartment buildings there!”

Public opinion about “what Wilton should do” is often loud in private conversations or on social media. But do those thoughts make an actual difference? Expressing those opinions as part of the ongoing update of Wilton’s 2019-2029 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) is a much more effective way of have an actual say in how Wilton moves forward with land use, policy and development of the town.

The POCD update process is focusing next on Wilton Center and the town’s Villages–Georgetown and Cannondale. Wilton’s Planning and Zoning Commission is inviting the public to its next Public Workshop on Thursday, May 17, at 7 p.m. at Trackside Teen Center (15 Station Rd.) to discuss zoning questions (e.g., should Wilton allow higher-density residences in these zones?), capital improvements (e.g. is additional public parking needed), esthetic regulations (e.g. buildings in Wilton Center should look more “New England village charming,” transportation (e.g. are these areas pedestrian-friendly) and more.

Residents are encouraged to actively participate during these meetings. Anyone can visit the POCD website to review the workshop’s draft presentation prepared in advance by Milone and MacBroom, the planning consultants that Wilton officials hired to help the town craft the 2029 POCD.

Written comments on the Plan, Workshops or related topics also can be submitted by email or via the Plan of Conservation and Development website, where all information, presentations, comments, schedules, surveys and more are available for viewing.

The P&Z Commission is also looking for feedback on another area–community assets and infrastructure–and is encouraging all Wilton residents to complete a brief online survey (available via the Wilton2029.com website). Responses are requested by May 14 for analysis at the next Public Workshop, but the survey will be kept open.

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