On Monday, June 12Wilton High School held its annual Senior Athletic Awards Night, where the school’s team booster clubs and other organizations presented senior athletes with awards and scholarships. The event was hosted by Athletic Director Bobby Rushton, who also recognized several individual athletes and fans for special contributions they made to athletic life at WHS.

Below is a list of the awards that were distributed Monday (Additional sports not listed presented awards at individual team banquets or sessions):

Warrior Super Fan Award (Presented by Rushton)

  • Claire Camelio
  • Gretchen McMahon
  • Franey Donovan

FCIAC Scholar Athletes: (Presented by Rushton)

  • Heather Plowright (Fall)
  • Jackson Carbonier (Fall)
  • Olivia Mannino (Winter)
  • Luke Totten (Winter)
  • Amelia Abud (Spring)
  • David Sylvester (Spring)

CIAC Scholar-Athletes: (Presented by Rushton) The Scholar-Athlete program annually recognizes two high school seniors from each member high school whose academic and athletic careers have been exemplary; whose personal standards and achievements are a model to others; and who possess high levels of integrity, self-discipline and courage.

  • Molly Snow
  • Thomas Welch

Academic Team Award: (presented by Rushton)

  • Girls Ski — Coach Bill Howard/Sloane Sullivan
  • Boys Cross Country — Coach Jim Gerweck/Jack Michael

Four-Year Scholar Athletes: (presented by Rushton) Athletes who participated in athletics every year for four years and have obtained academic excellence in the classroom.

  • Amelia Abud
  • Timothy Alber
  • Caitlin Allen
  • Ella Arghirescu
  • Rebecca Arnowitz
  • Samira Ayoub
  • Justine Biersack
  • Garret Bouvier
  • Jackson Carbonier
  • Charlotte Casiraghi
  • Mia Cawley
  • Nora Choukri
  • Lucy Corry
  • Katherine Costanzo
  • Lajos Csery
  • Isabel DiNanno
  • Jackson Duncan
  • Hannah Fitzgerlad
  • Amelia Fleming
  • Connie Gao
  • Avni Gupta
  • George Hahn
  • Whitney Hess
  • Michael Jankowski
  • Vihan Jayawardhane
  • Anna Joy
  • Aaron Leinberger
  • Sydney Lillis
  • Darien Lilly
  • Marianna Lombardi
  • Olivia Mannino
  • Timothy Martin
  • Caitlin Ongley
  • Emerson Pattillo
  • Jemma Peterkin
  • Heather Plowright
  • Alyssa Rappaport
  • Madison Ratcliffe
  • Caleb Rath
  • Charles Rath
  • Joy Ren
  • Jill Roberts
  • Georgia Russnok
  • Avery Samai
  • Kendall Scholz
  • Riya Shah
  • Samantha Slough
  • Connor Smith
  • Molly Snow
  • David Sylvester
  • Wilson Tansill
  • Catherine Ursitti
  • Rishi Vaddiraju
  • Ally vanHeyst
  • Reagan VonLoeser
  • Michael Wall
  • Thomas Welch
  • Matthew Whittman
  • Felix Wimsatt
  • Jordyn Yee
  • Jonathan Yerrall

FCIAC Life Teammate Award: (Presented by Rushton) This award is selected by senior athlete peers.

  • Emerson Pattillo
  • James Kane

Warrior Blue-White Award: (presented by Rushton)

  • Amelia Fleming
  • Sean Lengyl

Warrior Strong Award: (presented by Rushton)

  • Donna Stepnowsky

College-Bound Athletes: (presented by Rushton)

  • Caitlin Allen, Hamilton College (Div 3) Volleyball
  • Garret Bouvier, Cornell University (Div 1) Track
  • Tristan Burke, Central CT State University (Div 1) Track
  • Michael Byrnes, Loyola Maryland (Div 1) Track
  • Charlotte Casiraghi, Harvard University (Div 1) Field Hockey
  • Isabel DiNanno, University of Michigan (Div 1) Lacrosse
  • Vrishak Duriseti, Connecticut College (Div 3) Swimming
  • Hannah Fitzgerald, Franklin and Marshall College (Div 3) Field Hockey
  • Isabella Furman, University of Virginia (Div 1) Rowing
  • Virginia Hastings, Bucknell (Div 1)1 Swimming
  • Isabel Howell, Ohio State (Div 1) Rowing
  • Anya Iyer, Case Western Reserve University (Div 3) Swimming
  • Jackson Duncan, Amherst College (Div 3) Football
  • Charles Johnson, Gettysburg College (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Sydney Lillis, Bowdoin College (Div 3) Swimming
  • Spencer Liston, Providence College (Div 1) Lacrosse
  • Samantha Markey, University of Hartford (Div 1) Ballet/Dance
  • Ava Partenza, Union College (Div 3) Track and Field
  • Emerson Pattillo, University of Michigan (Div 1) Lacrosse
  • Jemma Peterkin, University of Richmond (Div 1) Lacrosse
  • Leah Petrie, University of Kansas (Div 1) Rowing
  • Heather Plowright, Lafayette (Div 1) Soccer
  • Madison Ratcliffe, Kenyon College (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Caleb Rath, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Charlie Rath, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Jill Roberts, Duke University (Div 1) Track
  • Owen Rosen, Emerson College (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Nola Ryder, Lehigh University (Div 1) Field Hockey
  • Mary Scally, Franklin and Marshall College (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Isabella Schmitt, Ohio State (Div 1) Rowing
  • Kendall Scholz, Hamilton College (Div 3) Volleyball
  • Molly Snow, Lehigh University (Div 1) Lacrosse
  • Connor Sweeney, Plymouth State University (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Reagan VonLoeser, Southern CT State University (Div 2) Soccer
  • Michael Wall, Union College (Div 3) Lacrosse
  • Thomas Welch, University of Virginia (Div 1) Track
  • Andre Wiest, Hobart College (Div 1) Lacrosse

Wilton Soccer Achievement Award: (presented by Rushton)

  • Heather Plowright
  • Gavin Lowne

Field Hockey Achievement Awards: (presented by Kathleen Fitzgerald)

  • Nola Ryder

Volleyball Boosters Awards: (presented by Heather Borden Herve)

  • Warrior Spirit Award: Avery Samai
  • Athletic Achievement Award: Kendall Scholz

Basketball Boosters’ Club Award — Bowman Cup: (presented by Rushton)

  • Thomas McKiernan

Ski Team Scholarship Award: (presented by Kacky Theoharides and Christine Polito)

  • Sloane Sullivan
  • Jack Michael

Sam Hingston Wrestling Award: (presented by Ross Mannino)

  • Liam Pearsall

Track Association Scholar-Athletes: (presented by Julie Hughes)

  • Taylor Felipe
  • Michael Byrnes
  • Garrett Bouvier
  • Thomas Welch

T.J. Pramer Memorial Scholarship Award: (presented by Matt Quatroccio)

  • Andre Wiest
Andre Weist, recipient of the TJ Pramer Memorial Scholarship Award, with presenter Matt Quatrocci. Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography

PFC. Nicholas A. Madaras Memorial Scholarship: (presented by Jason Partenza)

  • Colby Loughran
The PFC Nicholas A. Madaras Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Colby Loughran (L), here with Wilton Soccer Association President Jason Partenza Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography

Arthur J. Wall, Jr Scholarship: (presented by Kevin Wall)

  • Heather Plowright
  • Jackson Carbonier
Heather Plowright (L) and Jackson Carbonier (C) were the 2023 recipients of the Arthur J. Wall, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, presented by Kevin Wall Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography

Melissa Nickel Award: (presented by Olivia Nickel)

  • Isabel DiNanno
The Melissa Nickel award was presented to Isabel DiNanno (L) by Olivia Nickel Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography

Lt. John G. Corr Memorial Scholarship: (presented by Curt Gillespie (WHS ’72) and the fifth recipient of the John Corr Award. He is also a member of the John Corr Board of Directors)

  • Wilson Tansil (pictured in article main image)

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  1. Congratulations to all of our WHS 2022-2023 Senior Athletic Award Winners and their parents – thank you for everything you have done for us on and off the fields, tracks, courts, pools, etc. – you will be missed!

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