WHS Students Honored at Academic Awards Ceremony

In article after article, we’ve covered the many gifts and talents our Wilton High School students have demonstrated in more subjects than just one. This past month alone, GOOD Morning Wilton has published stories about stellar musical performers who received scholarships to attend the YoungArts program, about talented athletes who won the State Basketball Championship Title, about students who volunteer, and about students who help solve issues within the high school itself. Today, we’re thrilled to write about the many WHS scholars who were recognized yesterday, Thursday, May 29, for their academic achievements and community contributions at the annual Academic Awards Ceremony.

For the most part, the Academic Awards Ceremony focuses primarily on graduating seniors. There are juniors who win the first set of PTSA Book Awards, but the majority of the ceremony recognizes seniors. Among the awards and scholarships are those bestowed by various Wilton businesses and service organizations, as well as those given in memory of Wilton individuals. There are also commendations for excellence in areas of study as well as book awards given by the Wilton High School PTSA.

Eligibility for some of the awards often requires good grades and extracurricular participation as well as the submission of a well-written essay. The National Merit Finalists Scholarship winners are recognized for their high scores on the PSAT exams.

Among the award recipients were:

National Merit Commendations:  Nicole Amato, Nathan Briglin, Ryan Curtis, Julia Davatzes, Rachel Davison, Nicholas DiCorato, Ian Erickson, Aaron Friedman, William Glynn, Cassidy Haas, Vivian Hong, Charles Jankowski, Katherine Kahal, Neel Kaushal, Geoffrey Keating John Ryan Kettle, Kyra Lin, George Mgaloblishvili, Erica Miskinis, Miranda Morris, Jeremy Philbrick, Riley Quigg, Jason Rothstein, Patrick Ryan, Neal Sarup, Sarah Stroup, Connor Sweeney, Caroline Taverna, Jackson Ward and Kaitlyn Zheng

National Merit Finalists:  Daniel Xie, Jeremy Brewer, Evaline Xie, and Grace Nickel

National Merit Scholarship award winners:  Evaline Xie and Grace Nickel

Wilton Women’s Club Scholarship Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship:  Alika Zangieva, Julia Davatzes, Morgan Donnell and Madison Gillespie

Nicholas Zinicola, Class of 1996 Memorial Scholarship:  Mairead Deacy

Jamie K. Wilson Memorial Scholarship:  Kristen Godin and Annie Wilson

Melissa McFadden Scholarship/The Wilton Family YMCA:  Carter Vail and Sean Deidrick

2015 U.S. Presidential Scholar  (Two scholars from Connecticut and 141 students from across the country were selected):  Evaline Xie

Governor’s Scholars of CT:  Jessica Kobsa

Career Practicum Award:  Kallie Spinola

CSCPA Award:  Matthew Shifrin

National Economics Challenge, David Ricardo Division, 1st Place, CT:   Carlos Hernandez, Tyler Innes, William Ruefenacht and Brady West

Chartwells Student Scholarship:  Cristina Salatino

Reynolds & Rowella “Strength in Numbers” Scholarship:  Ryan Eberhardt and Daniel Ryan Sullivan

Captain Sam Polis American Legion Post 86 Memorial Scholarship:   Ryan Eberhardt  

Fairfield County Community Foundation Excellence in Education Award:  Nicole Amato

Wilton Youth Council Awards

  • Peer Outreach Leadership Award:  MaryJane LaSala
  • Wilton Youth Council Award:  Trevor Huffard

Hugh O’Brien Foundation Award:  Jackson Walker

“Young American” Leadership Award:  David Craven

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award:  Darden Livesay

Wilton Historical Society Award:  John Kaelin  

Mid-Fairfield County Board of Realtors Community Service Scholarship:  Neal Sarup   

Fairfield County Bank Scholarship Award:  John Kaelin

Wilton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award:  Nicole Amato

Gregory and Adams Award:  John Kaelin

Rotary Club of Wilton “Service Above Self” Awards:  Alexander Ackerman and Jacqueline Cooke

Georgetown Lions Club Frank A. Clark Scholarship:  John DeMattia

Wilton Volunteer Fire Department John J. Cahill Award:  Julia Davatzes and Alika Zangieva  

Wilton Family YMCA Award:  Caroline Costello, Sean Dedrick, Miranda Morris, Isabella Palacpac, Alyssa Rubsam, Madeline Srivastava and Haley Taroli   

Wilton Bulletin Journalism Award:  Alika Zangieva

Future Global Leader Award:  David Craven

American Citizenship Award:  Erin Cunningham, Madison Gillespie, Meaghan Herlyn, John Ryan Kettle, Makenna Pearsall, Hayden von Hoffmann, Jackson Ward and Daniel Weisman    

National Association of Secondary School Principals/Prudential Spirit of Community Award:  Julianna Yee

National Association of Secondary School Principals Herff Jones Leadership Award:  Cooper Pellaton        

CT Association of Schools “Leadership Award”:  Osgood (Endy) Perry and Elise Vocke

The Fairfield County Associaton of Secondary School Principals “Scholar-Leader Award”:  Cooper Pellaton and Evaline Xie  

CAPSS/Superintendent’s Award:  Geoffrey Keating and Grace Nickel     

CT Association of Boards of Education “Student Leadership Award”:  Julia Davatzes and Carter Vail

The Pam Cole Memorial Scholarship:  Kendall Keough

Robert J. Jacobs Memorial Award:  Colin DeFelice, Jack House, Ethan Michael, Cooper Pellaton, Michael Williams, Emmet Lane, Sean Westerholm and Harrison Winrow

The “Jack” Award:  Katherine Kahal and Darden Livesay

Whitney Sherman Memorial Award:  Colin DeFelice  

Matthew M. Shaw Memorial Scholarship:  Casey Tucker

CT Fallen Heroes Foundation in memory of Nicholas Madaras ’05:  Annika Sheehan                                        

League of Women Voters Edna Jones Memorial Book Award:  Jessica Kobsa

Gehret Kleinspehn Science Award:  Grace Nickel

Society of Women Engineers:  Nathan Briglin and Evaline Xie

The Wilton Conservation Land Trust Scholarship in memory of Dan Cappel:  David Sandor

The Wilton Conservation Land Trust Book Award:  Rachel Pak

The Renewable Energy Environmental Science Scholarship Award:  Elizabeth Arthur

Wilton Garden Club Marybeth Wheeler Memorial Scholarship Award:   Colin DeFelice

Math Contest Honorees:  Evaline Xie and Brandon Zheng

World Language Scholar Award:  Evaline Xie

International Club Award:  Lydia Parapimon

Northeast Conference Awards:

  • French  Morgan Donnell
  • Spanish  Grace Nickel
  • German  Jeremy Philbrick
  • Latin  Nathan Briglin
  • Greek  Evaline Xie

CT Colt Poetry Contest Gold Medals:

  • Modern Greek Darden Livesay 
  • Ancient Greek II  Erin Bronner 
  • Latin IV  Jessica Kobsa 
  • French V & VI  Evaline Xie 
  • French III Native Category  Benjamin Lucas

German Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany, Boston:  Alida Schefers

German National Exam Gold Medals & High Honors:

  • Gold Medal, German III  Vik Zoeller 
  • High Honors, Level III  Hannah Jung
  • High Honors, Level II  Benjamin Allbee, Sean Bergen and Emily Mitrione
  • Gold Medals, Level I  Davis Johnson, Nicholas Killian, Michael Lynch, Sophia Mercado and Anna Maria Onnerud

National Latin Examination Gold Medals

  • Latin I  Harvey Alexander
  • Latin II  Erin Bronner and William Heffernan
  • Latin III  Kevin Chabrier, Katherine Kenneally and Ashley Li
  • Latin IV  Nathan Briglin

CT State Latin Exam Gold Medals

  • Latin II  Sean Bergen, Erin Bronner and William Heffernan
  • Latin III  Jacqueline Cahill, Katherine Kenneally, Jessica Kobsa and Ashley Li
  • Latin IV  Nathan Briglin

National Greek Examination Perfect Score, Highest Honors & High Honors

  • Homeric Greek Highest Honors  Nathan Briglin
  • Beginning Attic Greek Perfect Score  William Heffernan
  • Beginning Attic Greek Highest Honors  Michael Wallace
  • Beginning Attic Greek High Honors  Erin Bronner   

Medusa Mythology Exam Gold Medals:  Nathan Briglin, Albert Cai (perfect score), William Heffernan and Ashley Li (perfect score)