To the Editor:

The Wilton Interfaith Action Committee (Wi-ACT) writes to express its profound sorrow at the killings in two mosques in New Zealand and to note that the 12 Wilton faith institutions, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim, whose congregants comprise Wi-ACT have acted in individual congregational ways over this past weekend, and continuing now, to express their support for and solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters both in New Zealand and here in Wilton and the rest of our country.

Horrible acts like those in New Zealand demand immediate and sustained response and repeated reminders of what we all know:  that we share brotherhood and sisterhood across our faiths, races, and ethnicities and need to embrace each other with respect and recognition of our common humanity. We are privileged in Wilton to be a very close-knit community that celebrates our faith diversity and that knows the joy and satisfaction of working together across all of our faiths for the good. At such tragic times as these, we need to reiterate those foundational principles and let the example that we set here be one that carries to the larger world.


The 37 members of Wi-ACT’s Steering Committee