Another unsettled week (Oct. 30-Nov. 5) of weather is ahead for Wilton, although it will be mainly dry and not as wet as last week. Also it is looking very nice on Halloween with clear skies and cool, seasonable conditions.

Monday, Oct. 30:  Winds will remain very gusty, getting as high as 40-50 mph on Monday as the backside of Sunday’s powerful storm funnels in strong, northwesterly winds. A few showers are possible in the morning, but those clouds and showers will clear to make room for lots of sunshine in the afternoon. Still, it will be chilly with a high temperature only in the mid 50s, but it will feel more like the 40s with those winds.

Tuesday, Oct. 31:  Halloween will be a gorgeous, fall day, featuring sunny skies and temperatures very seasonable for this time of the year. They’ll launch from the low 40s, rising up to the upper 50s by the early afternoon. While trick-or-treating in the evening, temperatures will be around 50 degrees under clear skies. You’ll just want a sweatshirt or light jacket under your Halloween costume.

Wednesday, Nov. 1:  Wednesday will start off nice with mostly sunny skies, but unfortunately it looks like some light rain showers will sneak in during the afternoon and evening. The positive is that there won’t be any heavy rain after the inches that fell Sunday and Sunday night last weekend.

Thursday, Nov. 2:  On Thursday, a few more lingering showers are possible during the day, especially in the morning, but I think most of the day will be dry and mild with partly sunny skies.

Friday, Nov. 3:  Friday should be a beautiful day to end the week, featuring a mix of sunshine and some high clouds while temperatures peak at levels that are five to ten degrees above average into the upper 60s. That’s gonna feel nice!

Saturday, Nov. 4:  This weekend looks to be a bit unsettled with several disturbances over the Eastern U.S., but I think we’ll be in that window where we stay dry. We will have to deal with some high clouds due to the outskirts of the rain. On Saturday, expect partly sunny skies.

Sunday, Nov. 5:  Then on Sunday, there’s an elevated but still low chance for rain. Again I think it will be dry but it is looking pretty cloudy. At least temperatures will remain average and pretty comfortable.

Jackson Dill is a Wilton High School senior who started the website, Jackson’s Weather. His 7-day forecast will appear each Monday on GOOD Morning Wilton. Visit Jackson’s Weather to find out any changes in the forecast. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @JacksonsWeather for around-the-clock updates.