The Wilton Board of Education (BOE) and Wilton Education Association (WEA – the union representing Wilton’s teachers) announced last night that they successfully reached an agreement on a new teachers’ union contract. In doing so, they were able to avoid going to arbitration.

In a statement sent to GOOD Morning Wilton late last night, (Thursday, Nov. 10), by Maria Coleman, the district’s director of human resources and general administration, she wrote that the contract agreement was reached “by focusing on what is best for students and teachers.”

“After a series of collaborative and in-depth meetings where both parties explored and evaluated the views and needs of students, educators, families, taxpayers, and town leaders, the BOE and WEA forged an agreement that they believe will help make the Wilton Public Schools and the Town of Wilton stronger.

“We are pleased to come to a successful conclusion of the contract negotiations process,” said Andrew Nicsaji, WEA president and Middlebrook math teacher. “It became apparent as the process unfolded that both parties wanted to try to do what is best for students and teachers, and I believe that goal rings true in the agreement that was struck.”

“We are thrilled to have successfully concluded the teachers’ union negotiations process,” said Bruce Likly, Wilton BOE chair. “We could not have done so without the collaboration, professionalism, and support of the WEA and its leadership. Wilton’s teachers are truly remarkable; they are the backbone of our town’s greatest asset – our schools.”

A request for comment on the financial details of the contract, including what percentage increase was agreed upon, was not answered by publication time. The story will be updated as soon as we have more information.

Monday, Nov. 14:  The story has now been updated on our website.