Thursday afternoon, Ambler Farm hosted an emotional farewell to outgoing program director Kevin Meehan, giving Wilton residents the chance to drive by and wish him well.

After 13 years of working at the farm and becoming the primary face associated with the farm’s identity, Meehan had decided it was time to move on. Moving up to take the post as director of programming will be Jen Grass, who has worked alongside Meehan for the past 10 years.

Watching Meehan interact with the occupants of each of the cars that came to say goodbye was emotional–he spent time talking with the people in each car, recalling how he knew them and remembering the kids from years ago in his Cider Mill classroom or Ambler Farm’s summer camp. Dozens of cars filled with young kids and adults, all of whom were there to thank Meehan for everything he’d given them–in experiences, in education, and in a respect for learning and the land.

Meehan was very emotional, wiping tears away as car after car came through the farm, and occupants handed him homemade cards and even flowers.

Acknowledging how he had gotten just as much from the people he’d impacted through the years as he’d given to them, Meehan said, “I would not have been the same without this place.”

For so many Wiltonians who have gotten to know Meehan through the years, they could say the same exact thing–that they will never be the same without him.

And that’s exactly what one young girl in one of the dozens of cars that came through the procession told Meehan:  “I can’t imagine Ambler without you.”

None of us can.

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photos by Drew Gumins


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  1. Good luck to Mr. Kevin Meehan in his further career and life pursuits. For hundreds of Wilton kids, he brought a true passion for learning and hands-on doing to the elementary school classroom and to Ambler Farm. From designing science projects to teaching organic farming, he was an incredible enthusiast for youngsters’ educational experiences. There is no doubt that he instilled a genuine appreciation of science and the outdoors in an entire generation of Wilton children.

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