The members of the Wilton High School boy’s lacrosse team spent part of their last weekend volunteering for Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) and fulfilling their community service hours, a new requirement for team members this year.

On Sunday, April 28, juniors and seniors on the team gathered at the Ben Franklin Center in Norwalk to clean the grounds. The boys worked together to rake leaves and pick up litter around the location where FCA’s parenting education classes and ASPIRE after school program are located.

Sophomores spent the day helping prepare for Minks to Sinks, the bi-annual tag sale near Wilton High School which benefits FCA. The boys installed the perimeter fence, set up tables, and helped unload trucks.

“We’ve been so blessed and lucky to have a great school, great coaches. It feels great to give back to the community,” said Tyler Previte, senior and team captain.

“We are so impressed by these young men for working so hard to better our community. When we all come together everyone benefits,” said Robert F. Cashel, president and CEO of Family & Children’s Agency.

Family & Children’s Agency is a leading non-profit human services organization providing services for community members of all ages, including behavioral and mental health, addiction recovery services, after-school programs, parenting counseling, homeless services, family counseling, foster care training, home care for older adults, and more. The organization serves more than 13,000 people every year.

This article has been updated to reflect that sophomores and not freshmen volunteered at the Minks to Sinks site.