As the weather gets warmer, we humans are aware about keep ourselves hydrated, but one Wilton business is helping to make sure Wilton’s dogs have enough water.

Last week, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services placed a dog bowl with water and a jug of water for refilling just outside their real estate office on the Town Green, with a sign that reads “Canine Watering Station.” Office administrator Claire Delavigne said she and the office’s manager, Josephine Simko, collaborated on the idea.

Delavigne said she tries to keep the water cool and replenish it twice a day. It’s the first year they’ve put water out for dogs, but she hopes to continue it for years to come. It seems like the canine community of Wilton is appreciating the effort:  the water bowl has been out for just one week, and Delavigne said she has definitely noticed the water being used.

canine watering station