Every Tuesday until Election Day, GOOD Morning Wilton will publish endorsements received by the candidates. This information has been compiled from press releases sent by the campaigns. These are not endorsements from GMW.com.

CT Sen. Blumenthal endorses Deb McFadden

10-13 McFadden Blumenthal cropped

The Deb McFadden campaign sent a statement they received from Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT):

“Deb is an energetic leader, working with professionals, volunteers, and organizations to improve her community. She listens and leads with energy and passion and will move Wilton forward.”

Bill and Kathleen Brennan:  Mike Kaelin ‘An Invaluable BoS Member’

Wilton’s current first selectman Bill Brennan sent the following statement to GOOD Morning Wilton on behalf of his wife, Kathleen, and himself:

Mike Kaelin joined the Board of Selectmen in November 2014 and has been an invaluable board member. His long residency in the Town of Wilton, leadership roles at the Wilton Library and other organizations, plus a deep personal concern for our community has made him a knowledgeable and very effective board member.

“Mike’s years of legal experience and finance skills have also made him a valuable asset on the Board of Selectmen, as property and land use issues, various lawsuits and a range of other legal issues have increased substantially over the last several years. Mike’s counsel and in-depth analysis of issues has been exceptionally helpful and of great benefit to the Board.

“In summary, Mike’s wisdom is critically needed on the Board of Selectmen during these challenging times. We respectfully urge you to vote for Mike Kaelin on Nov. 3, 2015.”

Kathleen and Bill Brennan

Former ABC Treasurer says Wilton Needs Lynne Vanderslice

Rita Garland, former treasurer of A Better Chance of Wilton and long time Wilton volunteer recently endorsed Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman.

“At the Grange Candidate Forum, I heard Lynne Vanderslice state she retired upon the birth of her son. I had to chuckle. For almost 20 years, I have seen first hand the work she has performed on behalf of the community and our neighborhood since ‘retirement.’

“When a national magazine was planning a six-week house tour complete with coach buses running up and down our street, we knew to turn to Lynne as she had already established herself as a leader. She successfully reduced the tour to a weekend. First selectman Bob Russell was so impressed, he recommended her for the Wilton Library Board. She accepted despite being busy with the A Better Chance.

“Lynne loves to engage others in charitable efforts. My entire family was no exception. As treasurer of A Better Chance, I had a first hand view of her leadership and management of the organization while president. Later we volunteered together as tax preparers and as fundraisers for the Community Assistance Fund.

“Upon learning of the needs of economically disadvantaged students in Danbury, Lynne founded and ran a free summer school augmented with after school enrichment programs. When Lynne sees a need, she works to develop a solution.

“This is just a sampling of Lynne’s ‘retirement’ activities. Wilton needs the leadership, creativity, problem solving, energy and, financial and management skills Lynne demonstrated in these endeavors and as a seven-year member of the Board of Finance. Please join me in voting for Lynne for Wilton’s next first selectman.”