Every Tuesday until Election Day, GOOD Morning Wilton will publish endorsements received by the candidates. This information has been compiled from press releases sent by the campaigns. These are not endorsements from GMW.com.

State Rep. Gail Lavielle Backs Michael Kaelin

The following statement was sent to GMW by Gail Lavielle.

During his many years of community service to Wilton and most recently as a selectman, Mike Kaelin has demonstrated the tremendous value he brings to our Board of Selectmen.

For more than two decades, Mike has dedicated significant energy and effort to working for our community. Throughout his distinguished career as an attorney, he has always found the time to contribute his impressive leadership skills, legal acumen, and personal insights, most notably to the Wilton Library, the Charter Commission, and the Historical Society. During the 13 years I have known him, I have always been impressed by the way that people who have served with Mike speak of him and by their high regard for his character and abilities.

Mike knows that Wilton cannot sustain an ever-increasing tax burden, and understands the importance of economic development to preserving our town’s quality of life. As a selectman, he will continue to work with all the town boards to rein in taxes and spending while focusing on the need to provide excellent services for residents of all ages.

Mike’s approach to issues is thoughtful, never doctrinaire. He leads by achieving consensus and harmony, and has the rare and valuable ability to lead and work collaboratively at the same time. He is attentive to and considerate of colleagues and always earns their respect. I trust him to do what is best for our community. Please join me in voting for Mike Kaelin on Nov. 3.

Gail Lavielle
State Representative

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling Endorses Deb McFadden

The following press release was received from the Deb for Wilton campaign.

McFadden. Rilling

As surrounding town leadership continues to rally in regional support of Deb McFadden for Wilton first selectman, the latest endorsement comes from Norwalk mayor Harry Rilling. His statement follows:

“I am impressed with Deb McFadden’s vision for Wilton. Her plans to focus on economic development are key to Wilton’s future. We can work together on projects such as the Norwalk River Valley Trail that will benefit the region. I often see her at STAR, Lighting the Way events, an organization serving people with disabilities in our two communities. As first selectman of Wilton, I look forward to collaborating with Deb as we work together to benefit our communities and region.”

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi Supports Deb McFadden

The following press release was received from the Wilton for Deb campaign.

Rudy Marconi.October 2015

The Wilton for Deb campaign received the following statement of support from Ridgefield first selectman Rudy Marconi:

“I look forward to working with first selectman Deb McFadden. There are obvious commonalities between Wilton and Ridgefield as well as other towns in our region.

“Knowing Deb, I won’t have to reach out to her for ideas where our communities can collaborate. She’ll be knocking on my door with possible connections supporting her vision for Wilton and the betterment of all of its citizens.

“From my experience serving with municipal leaders on committees with neighboring towns, Deb’s energy and can-do attitude will build relationships throughout the area, opening up opportunities for growth for Wilton and our region.”

Former Wilton Playshop President Zelie Pforzheimer Gives Endorsement to Lynne Vanderslice

The campaign of Lynne Vanderslice forwarded the following information:

Zelie Pforzheimer, former president of the Wilton Playshop, worked with Lynne Vanderslice as part of a group that brought new leadership to the Playshop when the local community theatre was in trouble⎯$25,000 in debt and with a building that needed a new roof and one entire side replaced. Recently Pforzheimer endorsed Vanderslice for first selectman:

“Every so often you meet someone who has the skills and quiet confidence to change the direction of an organization. This is why I, a staunch Democrat, am crossing party lines and voting for Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman. As the treasurer of the Wilton Playshop she was unafraid of hard work and held us accountable. She was reasonable in her expectations and always able to produce the unadorned facts of our financial present and future needs in a concise way that made it clear which direction we had to go. Saying the Wilton Playshop is where it is today because of her stewardship, is not hyperbole.

“I believe in voting for the best person for the job, and that would be Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman.”