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Clune Understands Perspective of Wilton Families

To the Editor:

I am writing to tell you why Dave Clune has my vote for Selectman.

Wilton depends on volunteers. Finding time, between work, family, weekend sports, and all the other life commitments make it hard for younger Wilton families to get involved in our Town government. Dave Clune is stepping up to do just that—get involved. With him on the Board of Selectmen, we’ll have someone who understands issues from the perspective of families with kids in the schools, who are interested in making Wilton stronger, and who want to keep things affordable for everyone.

Dave grew up here in Wilton, and his parents still live here. He has a vested interest in making sure the town works for everyone, families and seniors alike. He’s a member of the Economic Development Commission, so he understands how important it is to make our business community stronger. He’s got the professional experience—he’s a Compliance and Ethics Officer for the Federal Reserve Bank. He understands ethics, transparency and doing the right thing.

As his friend I can say he’s a loyal, hardworking, decent and dedicated family man, one who will be committed to working for all of Wilton’s residents. As an unaffiliated candidate, he’ll have no one else’s agenda in mind, except all the residents of Wilton and the greater good of the town.

On Nov. 3, please join me in voting to elect Dave Clune to the Board of Selectmen.

Thank you,

Frank Shipman

Enthusiastic Support for Kalamarides

To the Editor:

John Kalamarides deserves enthusiastic support in his bid for a continuing seat on the Board of Finance and a full four-year term.

Having served on that board for the past 15 months, John has demonstrated his analytical skills, his comprehensive view of Wilton’s needs, his open mind and willingness to listen and learn. I particularly appreciate his balanced and reasonable approach in Board of Finance deliberations and his concern for Wiltonians of all ages, from youth through seniors.

John blends his professional background as a Certified Financial Planner for 28 years with his personal experiences as a Wilton resident for 33 years. We are indeed fortunate to be represented by John Kalamarides on the Board of Finance.

Judy Zucker

Essential that First Selectman have Strong Managerial, Financial Background

To the Editor:

With so many important issues facing Wilton in the coming years, it is essential we elect a new first selectman with strong managerial skills and a financial background. Lynne Vanderslice has both of these qualities, which is why I am pleased to give her my strong support. Lynne has used her time on the Board of Finance to gain a thorough understanding of our town’s spending, and has clear ideas about what our priorities should be going forward. She is very attuned to the needs of town residents, including the strong desire for tax relief. Elect Lynne Vanderslice on Nov. 3!

Hella K. McSweeney

Picking Qualified Candidates⎯Kaelin and Kalamarides⎯More Important than Party Lines

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Mike Kaelin for selectman and John Kalamarides for the Board of Finance. While endorsing Mike, a Republican, and John, a Democrat, may seem inconsistent, I take the view that picking the most qualified candidate is more important than voting along party lines. Both Mike and John have been active participants in town government for many years in a variety of roles and have contributed much time and energy to making our town work better. The accumulated knowledge and experience each has acquired will be most useful in dealing with the challenges that lie ahead. Each of them has demonstrated a willingness to listen and to make decisions in a thoughtful and balanced manner. They are neither Republican nor Democrat but rather strong supporters of the town of Wilton and I am confident they will act in the best interest of the Town in matters of spending, taxation, capital projects, long term development and matters of governance.

Robert Kelso

Wilton has Benefitted from Kaelin’s Leadership

To the Editor:

I am pleased to support Michael Kaelin’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. I have known Michael for several years, and have been impressed by his intelligence, dedication to our town, and especially by his engaging style and sense of humor. As a current member of the Board, Michael has demonstrated his thorough knowledge of the issues, and his clear vision for bringing economic growth to Wilton. We have benefited greatly from Michael’s leadership, and I look forward to four more years of his service on the Board of Selectmen.


Christine Finkelstein

Vanderslice the Smart, Forward-Looking Leader Wilton Needs

To the Editor:

I am thrilled to support Lynne Vanderslice in her campaign for first selectman, and believe she is exactly the type of smart, forward-looking leader Wilton needs. I have worked frequently with Lynne in her capacity as a Board of Finance member, and have been continually impressed by her total command of whatever subject was being discussed, and her singular focus on acting in our town’s best interests. Lynne has a clear vision for Wilton’s future, for kick starting economic development, and for addressing the need for tax relief. Lynne Vanderslice will be an outstanding first selectman.

Bruce Likly

Vanderslice Understands the Need to Plan for Wilton’s Future

To the Editor:

There are many reasons to support Lynne Vanderslice’s candidacy for first selectman, but I especially appreciate her understanding of the need to plan for Wilton’s future. Lynne clearly recognizes that we cannot continue to rely on annual tax increases, while good businesses opt to locate elsewhere. She has already reached out to our business community, including commercial landlords, to better understand how to make Wilton more hospitable to potential new corporations and businesses. Lynne will use her strong financial background to make smart decisions, protect our AAA bond rating, and ensure a bright future for our town.

Lori Bufano

McFadden would reconvene Charter Authority

To the Editor:

Deb McFadden will bring financial stability and common sense parental concern to our town government. The voting majority of Wilton rejected this year’s operating budgets, but they passed anyway. This happened because of the super majority rule in our town’s charter needed to reject a budget. As written today, the towns’ charter does not reflect the generally accepted government concept of majority rule.

To prevent this from ever happening again Deb was the first candidate to acknowledge that we reconvene our town’s Charter Authority.

It’s good government and just common sense…I’ll vote for Deb.

Philip Sharlach

Finally, Wilton has a Choice; Choice should be McFadden

To the Editor:

I am supporting Deb McFadden for First Selectman. Deb both listens to and hears the concerns of diverse groups and uses their views to create successful solutions. At the same time, Deb is not afraid to stand up for her convictions regardless of their popularity. Her ability to enlist others, her passion and commitment to the Town of Wilton, her political experience and knowledge of the workings of the Town, and her ability to marshal forces among diverse groups within the community will make her exceptionally effective as First Selectman.

Finally Wilton has a choice; the choice should be Deb.

Valerie Rosenson

Change the Town Charter Regarding Expenditures

To the Editor:

Most of the Wilton citizens running for public office avow that their main concern is to rein in taxes. Yet, many of them have been on various town boards and have participated in decisions that have led to above inflation budget increases. Moreover, many have strongly supported spending tens of millions of taxpayers money on non-emergancy items like the Comstock Center and Miller-Driscoll projects.

Sadly, the “spend without end” mentality has created a rift in the town that very likely would not have occurred had there been both a tighter rein on spending and a far greater transparency in the lead up to those two projects. Therefore, to foster greater transparency and to avoid future spending fights, would it not make sense to change the town charter so that any proposed expenditures outside of normal town or school operations, would require set lead times for public notice and debate? For example, $500,000-$2 million⎯eight weeks notice and two public meetings; $2 million-$6 million⎯12 weeks notice and three public meetings; $6 million-plus⎯24 weeks notice and four public meetings. Note:  each citizen attending those meetings should be allotted six minutes (and not the paltry three, as previously done) to voice their opinions.

Thomas Curtin

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  1. I’m voting for Tom Curtin. He’s the only one that pointed out that all who were on previous boards that are running allowed insane budget increases.

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