Say hello to Wilton’s newest two residents, the latest animal inhabitants at Ambler Farm.

This past Saturday morning, led by Ambler Farm’s Kevin Meehan and Jen Grass, the community welcomed two Guinea Hogs and introduced them to their new pig pen on the farm. Built by the farm’s student apprentices (grades 5-12), the pen will house the two female hogs and allow visitors to get up close to the newest animal family members of Ambler Farm.

GOOD Morning Wilton was the exclusive Wilton news outlet on hand for the pigs’ arrival, as Meehan, Grass and three apprentices–Corey Sabia, Quentin Andersen and Eli Grass–drove up Ambler’s driveway, returning from Stamford Nature Center where they had picked up the porcine duo. We captured video of the pair being introduced to their new home and later meeting the crowd that had gathered to greet them.

Meehan and the gang then unveiled the duo’s names, chosen from suggestions submitted by Cider Mill students and farm apprentices.

To learn what those names are, and more about Ambler Farm’s new pigs, watch our video below:

YouTube video