The Wilton High School Art Department is holding its first gallery show of the year over the next two weeks, in partnership with the Rockwell Art Gallery, displaying the work of 60 advanced art students.

“It’s nice to share the talent of our high school students in town,” says Sue Brandt, head art teacher at the high school and advisor for the Open Art Club. “It’s a great opportunity for our students to have their art work exhibited in a professional gallery, [which] has been very helpful with this show and very welcoming to the students and the parents.”

One of the students with art on display, Jordan Huff, was excited by the prospect of having his work hang at the gallery. “It is such a cool experience having my work in a real gallery rather than on a school wall. Now that my photo is in a gallery anyone can see it not just kids at school.”

The exhibition opened on Wednesday, Nov. 20, with a reception for students and parents. Members of the WHS orchestra performed chamber music pieces during the reception adding to the atmosphere of the event.

The photography class exhibited a variety of pieces including prints on metal, infrared photography and hand painted images. The ceramic class exhibited hand thrown as well as hand built ceramic pieces. Some of the pieces included large bowls, a pot with a dragon sculpture and a pot with feather wings attached. The AP class and painting classes exhibited a variety of pieces including a Monochromatic painting, strip cut portrait photograph and mixed media painting and photographs. The Open Art Club displayed a variety of drawings and photographs and assisted with the organization of the show.

Artwork will be on public display at the Rockwell Art Gallery (151 Old Ridgefield Rd.) until Dec. 4.

Wilton High School’s visual arts department offers a wide variety of courses including drawing, painting, advertising, ceramics, jewelry, photography, sculpture, computer graphics, digital illustration, fashion, honors digital media and AP art. Joining Brandt in bringing their students’ work to the gallery were art teachers Susana Estes, Megan Kounnas and Michelle Currier; music teacher Malcolm Karlan led his orchestra students to perform at the opening.

The invitation to the event was created by Kady Ferguson, a student in Brandt’s advertising class.