Wilton’s graduating high school seniors are really in the home stretch to graduation and the Post Graduation Party on June 21. We’ve been playing along with them as parents who are organizing the PGP fun have set out clues over the last few weeks to help the seniors figure out the PGP’s mystery theme.

We’ve run the first sets of images over the last two Thursdays, and today we are excited to present the third, and final group of clues to get the kids guessing. In addition to GOOD Morning Wilton the images are also featured on the PGP Facebook page and Twitter feed, and they show locations in Wilton that are familiar to the students. By heading to those destinations, on a scavenger hunt down memory lane, students are asked to look for numbers posted in each of the windows:  Week one gave students 28, 19, 37, 39; week two provided 29, 23, 39 and 34. Organizers say to keep those numbers, and look for new numbers at the locations given by this week’s clues (pictured above).

Students will need to figure out how to decode the numbers as part of the fun of uncovering the excitement that lies ahead! They suggest taking group and individual “selfies” at each destinations and tweet them @WiltonPGP14 and post it on the PGP Facebook page. The best selfies may win prizes too!