On Saturday evening, May 25, 63 members from the Wilton High School chorus performed on stage at Carnegie Hall. The singers were all members of the WHS Men’s, Women’s and Madrigal Choirs. They were invited to perform as part of the New England Symphonic Ensemble, joining two other choirs on stage and performing with a professional orchestra.

“Any time singers have the opportunity to collaborate and share in their joy for singing, it’s a wonderful thing,” said Kevin Cotellese, WHS’s choral director. “This was a surprise and an honor to be invited. In Wilton, we strive to create authentic experiences for our students. And, simply put, it doesn’t get more authentic than performing Haydn and Mozart at Carnegie Hall.”

The students worked very hard for this experience and for the two days preceding the concert they attended rehearsals in New York with the other choirs and performers they shared the performance with.

“It was a labor of love to prepare for this challenging repertoire,” Cotellese said. “Performing in front of a gracious audience that truly appreciates their work has provided a positive reinforcement that is invaluable, and provides credible evidence of the value we place on music education in this district.

The Wilton High School music department provides a variety of performance experiences both in the curricular (Clune) performances and those outside of school (adjudication festivals, etc.). No matter the venues, they hear from people other than their teachers that their work, and the passion they have for music, are valued. “It is very rewarding for me to see all their work appreciated,” Cotellese added.

The High School Choir shared the stage with the Vancouver Bach Choir, and the Cal Poly Choir. They performed Mozart’s Missa brevis in C major, K. 220 “Sparrow,” and Haydn’s Te Deum for the Empress Maria Therese, Hob.XXIIIc:2.