In October, GOOD Morning Wilton discovered that Aquarion Water Company had applied to the state to divert up to one million gallons a day of water from a well in Wilton. Now, town officials have hired an environmental consultant to guide the town through dealing with water utility’s move.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice‘s office sent out a statement to local media on Thursday morning:

“The Town of Wilton has engaged the services of Langan as an environmental consultant to advise the town on the Aquarion Water Diversion permit application. Langan has extensive experience within and without Connecticut. Langan has initially been engaged for phase one of what is expected to be a two to three phase engagement.

“Yesterday Brian Blum from Langan, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, town planner Bob Nerney, Environmental affairs director Mike Conklin, town counsel Ira Bloom and attorney Steve Studer met with representatives from Aquarion and their advisors along with representatives from various river and water advocacy groups and other area governmental agencies for an informational session.

“Langan’s initial report is expected to be discussed at the Board of Selectmen’s Dec. 17 meeting. A meeting with property owners in the area of Cannondale will be held in early January.”

Vanderslice clarified to GMW that the meeting with property owners will be organized by town officials, not Aquarion.

At a BOS meeting on Oct. 24, Vanderslice said Aquarion’s application was a significant issue for the town.

““This is a great matter of concern, for myself, for the town employees that are involved, for the neighbors, residents and community. Town staff and town counsel, we’re all giving this our full attention, I want everyone to know that. It’s critical that we have a full understanding of the situation.”

Stephen Studer, is an attorney with Bercham and Moses, the law firm that represents the town. Vanderslice described him as someone “who has significant experience working on behalf of towns that face water utilities looking to divert water from within their borders.”

The article was updated to correct the date of the Board of Selectmen meeting where Langan’s report will be presented. It is Dec. 17, not Dec. 19.