Wilton Library is hosting a talk on The American Sustainable Cities and Clean Energy Initiative – 2050, this Thursday, May 18, 7-8:30 p.m.. The talk is part of the Wilton Go Green/Wilton Library Assoc. 2050 Clean Energy Initiative.

The Initiative is a plan to design and build a comprehensive, national, self-reliant clean energy infrastructure that would be phased in by the year 2050. The presentation provides a National Strategic Vision Plan with six Major Infrastructure Initiatives that would achieve this far-reaching goal. Additionally, it outlines the specifics of the plan, whereby Americans could get to 100% renewable Clean Energy by 2050, for example, by building a transformed transportation system with nine ultra-high speed rail corridors that connect our cities in a paradigm-shifting way.

Attendees will hear an exciting vision for the future and also hear about some small steps individuals can be doing now.

The talk will be presented by Christopher Belknap, an architect with Design Earth Synergy and a former Wilton resident. Registration is recommended, either by calling 203.762.6334 or online.