Wouldn’t it be great to treat yourself to a once-a-month massage without the customary, expensive once-a-month splurge? One Wilton man has found a way to help people be able to do that.

Rob Tobias is an area developer and business franchisee—he invests in national brands and opens franchise locations. He formerly specialized in the restaurant business, as the first person to bring Quiznos to the Northeast and open the sandwich shop brand in New York; he also bought the Northeast development rights to a chain of restaurants called Hurricane Grill & Wings and ran several locations for many years.

Now, the Wilton resident has switched gears and is bringing Massage Green Spa, a new chain of affordable massage spas, to Fairfield County. Massage Green combines the luxury and service of massage and facials with affordability and membership. Yesterday, Monday, July 11, Tobias officially opened Massage Green Spa’s Norwalk location at 542 Westport Ave. (near Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Bow Tie movie theater), the second of several spas he plans to open.

“Forever, massage was a service that only the affluent could afford. At $80-$200 for a massage, if you’re only doing it once or twice a year, it’s a luxury, but if it’s for wellness, and you need to get a massage more regularly, most people can’t afford once a month. This allows people to have massage wellness as part of their life, at a fraction of the price. I like that the average person can afford it,” Tobias says.

He also loves to be working with a product that involves health and wellness.

“Watching people come in who are stressed, who have a lot going on in their lives, they relax when they come in to a tranquil environment. When they come out, they’re new people,” he says.

Massage Green’s introductory rate for a first visit is $39.95 for a 1-hour massage and $49.95 for a facial. As a membership-based business, it costs $49.95 each month to become a massage member for a monthly massage. Tobias adds there there are no fees or contract, and members can cancel at any time.

“It’s now exceedingly affordable—what used to be $80-$200 is now $49.95,” he says.

While the location isn’t a full-service high-end spa, it is very calming and spa-like, with cultured stone, a waterfall and an upscale esthetic. While there are no lockers or showers, there is a tranquility room and an emphasis on wellness. All the Massage Green therapists are licensed and experienced.

He has an answer for skeptics who may say an inexpensive massage may not compare to a higher-priced service.

“Sometimes in life you get more than what you expect. The vast majority of people come in and can’t believe what this looks like, and the high level of service they get. On our Orange, CT location’s Facebook page, we’re rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, because it’s not just about the ambiance but the quality of therapists and people.”

Tobias is also excited that he’s opening a location near home. None of his restaurants had previously been in Fairfield County, and this is the first business he’s had so close to Wilton.

“This is the location I’ve wanted the most. It’s a perfect spot for this brand. It’s centrally located for Wilton, Westport, Weston and Norwalk. And being able to give wellness, health, relaxation, to family, friends and other people in my community, at a price point everyone can benefit from, is important,” he says.

He also says it’s great to be able to show off his hard work to his community too.

“I’m proud of this. People will come in and see a really beautiful place. To me it’s impressive, and people will be wowed to see this and say, ‘I didn’t expect to see this in a strip shopping center, and I didn’t expect to see this at this price point.’ It’s a terrific massage at a beautiful place all at an affordable price.”

Massage Green Spa is located at 542 Westport Ave. in Norwalk. Visit the spa’s Facebook page for more information or call 203.803-4448.