Not only is the Wilton Police Department pleased with their increased community engagement following a successful “Coffee with a Cop” event earlier this month, but they’re turning up their efforts to connect with Wilton residents online as well.

Just last July, the department launched a Wilton CT Police Department Facebook page, where they post regularly about arrests, public safety alerts and other town news. They also recently created and launched a Lost and Found page on the department’s website.

“This is a great way to get the word out,” says Capt. John Lynch. “It makes it easier for people, with how many people are on Facebook and online.”

It’s part of a concerted effort at outreach and openness, he says. “I think the community didn’t really know us years ago, so we’ve tried over the years to become more transparent. It’s our responsibility to make sure that the town knows us and knows they can trust us.”

Their work is paying off. At Tuesday evening’s (June 21) Police Commission meeting, Chief Robert Crosby reported on the success of the department’s “Coffee with a Cop” initiative, noting that so many people turned out to meet, greet and chat with officers during the 2-hour period that the line of residents waiting extended out the door of Dunkin’ Donuts where the event was held.

“It was really heartening to see how people just wanted to come up and say, ‘Thank you.’” he reports, adding that the effort was so successful that news of Wilton’s event spread to several other police departments around the country.