Capt. Robert Cipolla of the Wilton Police Department had GOOD news to share Friday morning–only one motor vehicle accident related to yesterday’s weather occurred in town.

“Fortunately it appeared as though people took the advice to stay indoors and off the roads,” Cipolla says.

People staying off the roads allowed Wilton Department of Public Works (DPW) plows get the job done. First selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice posted an update on Facebook Thursday evening:

“Thank you to everyone who was able to stay home and off the roads as it does make it easier for emergency workers and road crews. …DPW crews started at 3 a.m. and will be continuing to plow throughout the evening. After a break for some rest, they will be back on the roads in the morning. We continue to be fortunate to have such dedicated emergency services and DPW employees and WVAC and CERT volunteers.”

Also on Thursday, Wilton Police responded to four reports of hazardous situations due to trees or wires down. According to the captain, these were all resolved fairly quickly, and Eversource was quick to respond in most of the situations involving wires.

Cipolla does note that the department does anticipate getting more reports of trees down due to the high winds during the overnight. They’ll continue to provide updates with any significant impacts to travel throughout the day.

He does caution residents to try and stay home if possible, at least earlier in the day. “If you have the ability to wait it out indoors again while DPW and State crews continue their clean-up work, it is highly recommended.”