With presidential primary results now official from the town’s registrars of voters, Wilton’s registered voters chose Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their preferred presidential candidates. More than half (53.2%) of Wilton’s eligible registered Democratic and Republican voters cast their votes (including absentee ballots); of 7,452 eligible voters (3,226-D, 4,226-R), a total of 3,968 votes were cast.

Trump was also the official winner statewide, winning by a wide margin (58%) over Ohio Gov. John Kasich (29%)  and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (12%), the remaining two candidates still in contention. The vote was much closer here in Wilton; Trump notched 45.4% of Wilton’s Republican vote, while Kasich was at 44%.

The town’s registered Democrats overwhelmingly preferred Clinton (62%) to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (33.7%) by almost two-to-one. Results statewide were close, with Clinton at 50% eventually coming in slightly ahead of Sanders, who earned 48%.

Here’s how Wilton’s numbers came in:

Republican Primary (winner in bold)

Ted Cruz — 184
Ben Carson — 7
Donald J. Trump — 957
John R. Kasich — 930
Uncommitted — 31

TOTAL Number Voting: 2,109 (50-percent turnout)

Democratic Primary (winner in bold)

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente — 2
Hillary Clinton — 1,216
Bernie Sanders — 626
Uncommitted — 15

TOTAL Number Voting: 1,859 (58-percent turnout)