The Wilton town clerk’s office releases data each week for the prior week’s real estate transactions (less frequently during the COVID-19 crisis). From March 26 to April 30, 2020, 17 properties changed hands. The land transfers that were recorded during that time (including address, sale price and photo where available) were:

Important: Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. 

  • 250 Catalpa Rd.:  Richard F. and Margaret A. Creeth to Frank and Lucilia Telesco, for $749,000.

  • 126 Belden Hill Rd.:  Eileen D. Greisch to Marcilene and Erivelton Ribeiro, for $745,000.

  • 96 Warncke Rd.:  Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR to Christopher M. and Laura Barrett, for $1,640,000.

  • 34 Glen Hill Rd.:  Mariano and Clara Lombardi to Lawrence and Bridget Hughes, for $754,000.

  • 28 Pine Ridge Rd.:  Norbert and Mireille Thouvenot to Dmitry and Mariya Malin, for $1,163,000.

  • 161-163 Range Rd.: William J. and Cynthia F. Vasale to George and Teresa Papadopoulos, for $480,000.
  • 79 Graenest Ridge Rd.:   Johnson Family Trust to Paul D. and Lauren Torgerson, for $1,249,000.

  • 15 Fullin Ln.:  Sebastian and Marisa L. Sergi to Raj and Radha Gala, for $765,000.

  • 20 Chestnut Hill Rd.:  Randi D. Tomasulo to Anna I. and Jeffery Ramirez, for $815,000.

  • 26 Fox Run: Kevin E. O’brien and Deidre Farrell to Matthew and Julie E. Griffiths, for $640,000.

  • 789 Ridgefield Rd.: Simon C. and Mora F. Neilson to Ryan Andrew Cuvelier, for $720,000.

  • 294 Cannon Rd.: Raul C. and Misty D. Rivera Jr. to Matthew P. and Alexandra Promis, for $710,000.

  • 37 Mayapple Rd.: Scott and Cara Schwartz to James E. and Samantha Capparell, for $710,000.

  • 47 Village Walk: Ellen Villasenor to Courtney Paige Honor, for $230,000.

  • 361 Sturges Ridge Rd.:  Matthew T. and Kim D. Troy to George and Victoria Torpe, for $900,000.

  • 271 Olmstead Hill Rd.:  Beverlee R. Henion EST to Alexandria and Sonya Donnelly, for $350,000.

  • 172 Westport Rd.: Jason Bowman to Kristine E. and Vincent J. Liggo, for $350,000.