At $1.56 million, 36 Sturges Ridge Road was among the priciest properties that sold in late December, 2020

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the period from Dec. 18-30, 2020, there were 18 properties that changed hands. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) are listed below.

Notable among them was the Avalon Wilton apartment complex, located at 116 Danbury Road, which sold for $34,750,000. (As GMW previously reported, on Dec. 17, tenants in the 100-unit complex were surprised to learn of the sale and re-branding of the property as White Oaks at Wilton.)

As for the 17 single-family properties that changed hands, five had selling prices over $1 million, with the highest at $3 million.

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are also available on the town website.

230 Ridgefield Road: Little Foot Farms, LLC, to Christopher and Melinda Smith, for $3,000,000 (photo of the residence not available; previous property sale recorded at 21 acres)

134 Sturges Ridge Road: Kreter Properties, LLC, to Brendan C. and Samantha Kreter, for $925,000

17 Mountain Road: Theodore W. and Vickie L. Darnall to Carlos and Chanel Dejesus, for $580,000

161 Old Huckleberry Road: Lance and Christine Liljeqvist to Christian T. Webster, for $1,300,000

410 Belden Hill Road: Marjorie D. Riccio to Andrew and Juliette Maria, for $679,000

130 Linden Tree Road: Paul M. and Sheila DeFelice to Richard and Barbara Bloom, for $675,000

10 Village Court: Carol Angotta and Danjie Liu and Yan Jiang, for $605,000

269 Millstone Road: Steven and Meredith Lorig to William Moreno, for $1,450,000

48 Moriarity Drive: Robert C. and Mary Anne Jackson to Daniela D. Yabalkarov, for $625,000

43 Evans Lane: Peter T. Boudouvas to Robert and Monika Aptacy, for $1,050,000

326 Thayer Pond Road: Barbara M. and Leonard W. Kuperman to Bryan Phillips, for $731,500

36 Sturges Ridge Road: Arie Conrad and Juliana M. Scheurkogel to Daniel and Susan Reagan Gittes, for $1,560,000

16 Sunset Hill Road: Richard C. and Joyce A. Johnson to Mark Johnson and Penny Raffini, for $334,000

46 Breeds Hill Place: Lori L. Overland to Jacob Mani and Aiswarya Thomas, for $859,000

88 Chicken Street: Marc A. Fogel to William Dague and Francesca Costa, for $660,000

29 Wilton Crest: Carolyn Booth to Carl A. Battinelli III, for $420,000

49 Belden Hill Road: Andrea D. Preston to Mackenzie M. and Matthew A. Dellapina, for $700,000