The Wilton town clerk’s office provides information each week to Wilton media about property sales and transfers. The real estate transactions that have taken place during the weeks between March 18-April 14 (including price, address and photo) are:

March 18-31

  • Carol Kane sold 13 Village Walk to Christo Kyreakedes for $180,000.
3 village walk
  • Elizabeth Flaherty sold 58 Pin Oak Ln. to David and Maria Williams for $780,000.
58 pin oak ln.
  • Robert Campbell and Marianne Dolan sold 97 Washington Post Dr. to Mark Thomford and Amy Hiltz for $1,050,000.
97 washington post dr.
  • Gregory and Pamela Wertz sold 82 Pheasant Run Rd. to Baker and Jody Mallory for $1,040,000.
82 pheasant run rd.
  • Harry and Nancy Toll sold 22 School Rd. to Daane and Kimberly Reinking for $1,050,000.
22 school rd.
  • Peter Snyder and Robert Marschke Living Trust sold 450 Danbury Rd. to Katherine Leek for $247,000. (Photo unavailable)
  • Thomas and Nicole Barber sold 229 Westport Rd. to Beth Superman for $495,000.
229 westport rd.
  •  Gordon and Kathleen Anderson sold 295 New Canaan Rd. to Kevin and Mauricia Gardiner for $595,000.
295 new canaan rd.
  • CT Light & Power Co. and Eversource Energy sold 658 Danbury Rd. to MFL Real Estate LLC for $1,200,000.
658 danbury rd.
  • W. Lawson and Amy McWhorter sold 32 Old Highway to Brian and Stephanie Smith for $779,000.
32 old highway
  • Alan and Evelyn Kornstein sold 181 Rivergate Dr. to Shaun and Lindsay McGowan for $770,000.
181 rivergate dr.
  •  Howard Belger and Mary Fitzgerald sold 10 Four Wind Dr. to Meredith and Peter McNamara for $1,205,000.
10 four wind drive

April 1-7

  • Richard and Barbara Blundell sold 28 Lambert Common to Margaret Kelley for $475,000.
28 lambert common
  • Stephen Lobo sold 16 Wilton Crest to MB Rentals, LLC for $375,000.
16 wilton crest
  • Jeffrey and Christine Titus sold 56 Keelers Ridge Rd. to Iurii Bilyk and Olena Boichenko for $920,000. (see article main image)
  • Bruce and Dianne Clapp sold 28 Cobblestone Pl. to Nicholas and Amy Christofer for $835,000.
28 cobblestone pl.

April 8-14

  • Toll CT II Limited Partnership sold 6 River Ridge Ln. to Peggy Grodd for $1,070,000.
6 river ridge ln.
  • John and Marianne McCarthy sold 476 Belden Hill Rd. to James Nally and Alexandra Skoglund for $646,500.
476 belden hill rd.
  • Natascia Ayers and James Ciquera sold 11 Old Belden Hill Rd., to Richard Speciale and Joy Sy for $1,230,000.
11 old belden hill rd.
  • Anjian Zhu and Anjian Zhu Separate Property Trust sold 39 Fawn Ridge Ln. to Nicole Bamford for $315,000.
39 fawn ridge ln.