The sprawling 7-acre property at 363 and 379 Hurlbutt Street was the largest real estate transaction of the week ending Jan. 14, 2021

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the period from Jan. 8-14, 2021, there were six transactions involving seven properties. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) are listed below.

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are also available on the town website.

Notable among last week’s transactions was a two-lot sale at 363 and 379 Hurlbutt Street. Also known Maple Knoll Farm, the property was sold by Eric P. and Elizabeth R. Johnson to Thomas A. Telesca, for $2,050,000. It was the highest selling price of the week.

The property at 379 Hurlbutt is a 4.2-acre lot and the site of the home pictured below. It also has a pool, pool house, and a 1,500 square foot guest house, according to the real estate listing.

The home at 379 Hurlbutt Street was sold, along with the property at 363 Hurlbutt Street, for over $2 million, the largest property transfer of the week.

The adjoining property at 363 Hurlbutt is a buildable 2.87 acre lot that borders Rolling Hills Country Club.

Five other properties also changed hands during the week, including:

192 Sturges Ridge Road: Nora A. Belanger (a.k.a. Nora B. Saleh) to Steven and Meredith Lorig, for $975,000

236 Deer Run Road: Robert and Salli Frattini Hess to Katherine and Stephen Ernest Gehrmann, for $860,000

41 Bhasking Ridge Road: Mark and Joan Ketley to William and Marie Brancaccio, for $585,000

115 Indian Hill Road: Daniel E. and Lorayne T. McCabe to Peter G. and Sarah L. Coppola, for $800,000

12 Woodland Place: Christopher P. and Charlotte L. Morello to Todd and Yaryna Anderson, for $1,295,000