At $1.95 million, 130 Belden Hill Road was the highest-selling property of the week ending July 8, 2021

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the one-week period from July 2-8, 2021, Town Clerk Lori Kabak reported 14 properties transferred to new owners.

The report follows the same strong trend Wilton has seen for months. Six of the properties sold above $1 million, with the highest at nearly $2 million.

Important:  Please note the Town Clerk’s report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are available on the town website.

GMW makes an effort to find current photos, from recent real estate listings, websites such as, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, photos may be from previous real estate listings, or from town appraisal/land records.

11 Wampum Hill Road

Every house has a story, but one property that changed hands during the week of July 2 was particularly significant. The home at 11 Wampum Hill Rd., which has a Weston address, includes roughly 9 acres in Wilton. The property was sold by Wampum Hill, LLC, to David Lipton (EST) for $1,340,000.

According to the real estate listing, the property had been held by just two families since the 1600s. “The main house was built in 1840 by Wilton’s prominent Sturges family on an original land grant,” the listing says. The main house is on the Weston side of the property, while a barn, pasture and lake are in Wilton.

The property was owned more recently by the Belknap family, which also owned the nearby land that later became the Belknap Preserve, 37 acres of land at the corner of Wampum Hill Rd. and Honey Hill Rd., which is now owned by the town of Wilton.

More Property Transfers

93 Deforest Road: Amy Bernard and Brian Bernard (EST) to Daniel I. Schreibstein, for $1,375,000

3 Crosswicks Ridge Road: Carolyn E. Graham to Penelope Jane Maxwell and George M. Schmidt, for $1,050,000

40 Mountain Road: David Reyes Guerra and Jennifer Dunn to Neal Dandekar and Katherine Grant, for $815,000

118 Silver Spring Road: Jason P. Albright to Serge and Dina Bisson, for $1,020,000

130 Belden Hill Road: Jeffrey and Janet Siegel to Kristin and Mark Robert Cahill, for $1,950,000

43 Twin Oak Lane: Cheston D. and Cynthia C. Knapp to Sayed Mousa Ahmadi Olounabadi and Julia M. Mayer, for $850,000

172 Westport Road: Kristine E. and Vincent J. Liggio to Jonnatan Mendez and Gloria Criales and Viviana M. Buritica, for $660,000

50 Honey Hill Road: Megan Anne Carey to Margaret M. and William C. Sandwick, for $1,305,800

203 Linden Tree Road: Carol D. Rowe to John M. and Madeleine R. Melkonian, for $841,500

239 Westport Road: Margaret Llorens to Huabing Wang and Hiu Hiu Chen, for $810,000

36 Glen Ridge: Elsie Odishaw to Jamie G. Devivo, for $415,000

208 Chestnut Hill Road: William and Kimberly T. Keliehor to Karen Bradbury and Mark Barrere, for $955,000

14 Wilton Hills: Sriram S. Belur and Brunda B. Govinda to Timsy and Vinay Gandhi, for $870,000