Wilton Real Estate Wrap-Up: 10 Homes Sold in Wilton May 12-18

Every week the Wilton town clerk’s office distributes the prior week’s land and property sales to local media. According to the report for May 12-18, the following real estate transactions (including address, sale price and photo) occurred during that time period:

  • Peter Everson sold 72 Sugar Loaf Dr. to Michael Siladi for $354,000.

  • Sankaran Gowrinathan sold 40 Granite Dr. to Caroline and Michael Hanauer for $650,000.

  • Helen Burt Estate sold 26 Old Farm Rd. to Richard and Kimberly Santosky for $420,000.

  • Margaret Feltz sold 15 Crowne Pond Ln. to Linda Arden, Living Trust for $660,000.

  • Paula Meyer sold 66 Chicken St. to Robert and Elizabeth Lerch for $915,000.

  • Shea and Elizabeth Wallon sold 14 Pin Oak Ln. to Adam and Sara Haims for $789,000.

  • Deutsche Bank National Trust sold 24 Cedar Rd. to Jody Tracey, Alan Niebuhr, Paul Niebuhr and Kathy Niebuhr for $507,799.

  • Anthony Fiore/Anthony Fiore Retirement Plan Trust sold 163 Linden Tree Rd. to Nitin and Jessica Sain for $795,000.

  • Debra LaFond sold 116 Silver Spring Rd. to Rachael and Matthew Sherman for $940,000.

  • William French sold 155 Portland Ave. to 155 Portland Ave. LLC for $334,000.