[Editor’s note:  Visitation hours have been set for Sunday, June 10, from 2-6 p.m. at Magner Funeral Home, 12 Mott Ave. in Norwalk.] 

GOOD Morning Wilton has learned sad news of the passing yesterday, Monday, June 4 of John Fairchild, a longtime Wilton resident and owner of Fairchild Plumbing Services. Fairchild was 57 years old.

Fairchild was a favorite of many residents for not only being very responsive to calls and clients’ needs, but also often asking his clients to make donations to the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps rather than taking payment.

Fairchild became a devoted supporter of WVAC after they provided emergency aid to his father, Russell Fairchild, in 2013. Fairchild senior had been standing outside his vehicle at the transfer station when another driver hit him at a high rate of speed and badly injured him. Not only did WVAC provide care at the scene of the accident, but Wilton EMTs also transported Russell to the hospital several times from home during his convalescence following the accident. Russell passed away only two months after the initial accident, but John was grateful to WVAC for their dedication and effort.

“I never forgot the WVAC,” he later told the Wilton Bulletin. “Four trips in a two-month period is a lot.”

Brian McDermott, WVAC vice president, tells GMW that everyone at WVAC is devastated to learn about Fairchild’s untimely passing.

“John was a huge supporter of WVAC, often having his clients write a donation to us in his late father, Russell’s name in lieu of paying him for small jobs. Last year we actually started a scholarship using the donations we received from his initiative called The Russell D. Fairchild Memorial Scholarship. We are planning on giving our 2nd annual award of this scholarship this month at our membership appreciation dinner in two weeks.”

Often, Fairchild would arrive at a client’s home bearing a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers that he picked from his home garden. McDermott says he would do the same for the women who worked at the WVAC office anytime he stopped by.

“He was a true gentleman,” McDermott says.

Fairchild leaves behind his wife, Linda, and a daughter and son.

UPDATE, Wednesday, June 6:  We’ve added some comments about John made by residents on our Facebook post. They scratch the surface of how he impacted everyone with his generosity, kindness and big-hearted nature.

Hillary Springel Morrissy:  I always smiled when I saw his van with his dad’s photo on the back.

Diane Isaacs Sklar:  He was a great friend and neighbor

Shannon Cruickshank:  Wilton lost a little piece of our community soul with John’s passing. I remember last year, while out doing yard work and feeling rather exhausted both physically and mentally, he stopped his van on the side of Ridgefield Rd. and walked over to me with a beautiful Dahlia. It truly uplifted me to think there was such a kind and caring soul in the world. My condolences to his family.

David Sklar:  He will be greatly missed. He was a great friend, neighbor, and person.

Susan Strawmyre Wall:   A very special man. My heartfelt sympathies to the family. He will be missed.

Stacey Scolnik:   Omg so sad. He was such a nice guy.

Randi Schoener-McDonnell:   I am so sad to hear this news. A beautiful man who will truly be missed by his community.

Marge Mazurek Hansen:   May God grant him Eternal Rest.

Melissa Manso Pennucci:  So sad…. he embodied the spirit of Wilton.

Janet McCarty Lane:  So very sad! I had just left a message for him. He was so kind.

Sarah McCall:  Very sad.

Mona Sze:  Ohhhh. This made me so very sad. He was a great guy.

Deb DeFeo:  He was so kind – what a terrible loss.

Laura Gossard Rowley:  Such a nice man, so sad.

Kerianne Fanelli:  Always responded to calls, honest, generous and went the extra mile. And always brought flowers. My prayers to the family. John will be missed.

Susan DeCristoforo Shultz:  Heartbreaking. He has done so much for our family. His generosity and kindness were unending. One of a kind.

Pam Rouleau:  This is terribly sad. very sorry for his family and our community to have lost such a wonderful man.

Michelle Silverstein Beyman:  Oh my. I am so sad and sorry to hear this! I saw his truck down the street two days ago and he was just at my house and was glowing about his daughter’s wedding about to take place! What a generous, giving person. RIP, John.

Carrie Styles Tobias:  I had the good fortune to be John’s neighbor for the past 12 years. He was an honest, kind and selfless man. We are all devastated by this loss. He was one of Wilton’s finest and his generosity was something to honor and emulate. His passing leaves a huge hole in our hearts and community.

Doris Dwyer Noonan:  Oh my goodness. I’m so sad to hear this. He was just at my house a few weeks ago turning on my outdoor water and told me since it was a small job to write my check to Wilton Ambulance instead of himself. He was so generous and kind. My sincere condolences to his family.

Elizabeth Curran:  My condolences to the family John was a very kind and generous man.

Manisha Tripathi Mhatre:  Terrible news!!

Anna Hellman Nessel:  So terribly sad

Julie Jurjans Steckel:  Sending our thoughts to his family. Know his values and strong drive to “do things the right way” impacted our family. And we enjoyed the time we got to spend with him.

Falguni Poojara Madhavani:  So sad, he was such a helpful and nice person!

John Michael:   If you hear of funeral services please post it.

Nicole Marr Woodring:  So sorry to hear this.

Rich Roseman:  Unbelievably sad… ????

Carolina Kronqvist Corrigan:  So sad , he was such a generous soul. ????

Maura Cronin Connolly:  Incredibly sad news. We send our condolences to John’s family. Such a good person gone too soon.

Allyson Freas McDowell:  What!! I just saw him last week!! ???? ???? ????

Juliana Smick Scheurkogel:  One of the most honest genuine people you could meet. I’m so sad to hear this news.

Wendy Nadel:  Condolences to his family and our community for losing such a kind, caring person. John went above and beyond, brought his female customers his beautiful dahlias and was an overall good person. A sad loss for all. May he rest peacefully.

Anne Munkenbeck:  Such shocking and sad news. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and I hope their garden is especially beautiful this year.

Dawn Wilson Jasinski:  Such a kind heart. John and his beautiful dahlias will be missed greatly.

Debbie Ricketts:  He was a town treasure! Lovely man and so good at his trade. What a life well lived to have this outpouring. He touched so many! Prayers for his family and friends.

Ann Margaret Langan Mannix:  This is such sad news.

Laura Huber Fox:  oh no! John will be so missed.

Cheryl Barrett Muniz:   Omg! I too just saw him last week. He will truly be missed. Such a nice and honest man. ???? ????

Namita Vadhera:  This is so shocking! He was an amazing person and will be missed. Prayers for his family.

Anne Wheeler-Cronin:  My condolences to the family–he will be missed

Robert J Comerford:  Wow. Devastated to hear this. He was a wonderful, honest, caring member of the community. Such a loss. Condolences to his family.

Vic Muniz:  This news has just saddened me to my core. I have never met anyone like him. A true angel, and Gentleman. The absolute best person to ever do work for my family. I’m truly shocked and heartbroken.

Debbie O’Malley:  Such a giving and kind man. So sad.

Diane R. Millas:  Very sorry to hear this. He was such a nice man. Sincerest condolences to his family.

Kyla McKee Solomon:  Incredibly saddened by this news. It’s not often you meet someone so kind and genuine, John was a rarity. He would show up with a smile and a story, and was an honest businessman. He will be greatly missed.

Julie Hug Carney:  This is such very sad news.

Lisa McCarthy:  The first time I met him, I was out for a run–running down Vista Road. This nice (and tall!) man came out into the road out of the blue and handed me a freshly cut flower from his flower garden. Just because he is a good guy. Just to pay it forward. Just to make the world that bit nicer for others. For strangers. Now that’s a class act.
My ❤ and thoughts are with his amazing family.

Nancy Sharpe:  He was a wonderful, talkative, funny and kind gentleman. Shocked and so sorry to hear this sad news

Lisa Somer:  So sorry to hear about John. He was a kind and funny person and very good at his job.