The following column is “Notes from the Board Table,” the regular update from Bruce Likly, chairman of the Wilton Board of Education.  

As promised, I am writing to keep you informed of the progress being made to include the use of search and seizure dogs in our schools.

As you may recall, the Board voted this past spring to approve the use of canines as part of our efforts to insure a safe school climate for our students and staff.

We also made the commitment at that point that we would inform students, staff, parents and the community in advance of the first search so everyone is well aware of it.

The first search, which will be a search for illicit drugs, is scheduled to happen at Wilton High School on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 at 9:30 a.m..

To minimize disruption, the Wilton Police Department and High School Administration will conduct the search while students are normally in class. There will be several police canine teams involved in the process and it should be completed within the timespan of one of the morning classes.

There will also be notices informing the student body of the Oct. 9 date and time of the search posted on every doorway into the school prior to this search happening.

Illicit drug use is an unfortunate reality in our society. It is our intent to keep drugs out of our schools so students can grow and learn in a safe environment. If this initiative saves just one child’s life or keeps just one additional child from experimenting with drugs because their “friends” had some in the locker next to theirs then it is well worth the effort.

Please spread the word: Oct. 9, 2015, Wilton High School, 9:30 a.m.. This will be the first of many sweeps and future ones will not be as broadly publicized – if at all.

It is our hope that we “catch” no one and that this program will serve as a reminder that we care about every child and we will do what we can within our power to help protect them.

To put it another way: Drugs are not welcome in Wilton Public Schools.

Please use this notice as an opportunity to remind friends and loved ones of an old public service announcement slogan: “friends don’t let friends do drugs.”